Greetings Anonymous, We are Anonymous
We direct this message at ourselves to clarify that Anonymous, is not a group or a political organisation. Anonymous is an idea. An idea that is the spark that ignites the fires of change.
We must also clarify that as humans, we are not always going to agree on everything and as it has become apparent recently, there seems to be certain individuals attacking others because they do not agree with their views or vice versa.
The solution is simple, if you agree with an Anonymous operation then support it one hundred percent and help to make it happen. Why waste energy fighting against an operation that may or may not happen. let the hivemind decide.
There are also certain individuals that seem to have forgotten simple mathematics, that seem to think that one equals more than one. So let us remind these leader fags that one equals one, No more no less.
We are all equal, Everyones contribution is equal, We are all one. We have no leaders or official representatives. Those claiming to officially work for or represent Anonymous do not. one example being a certain leader fag and his committee of 666.
There are no recruitment officers as you cannot recruit an idea. Those that assume that they are more than the one and try to be leader fags will be devoured by the whole. Let us work together as a whole for the better of the whole.
Anyone dictating to the whole as to who can be Anonymous or suppressing anothers right to free speech is doing what Anonymous stands against and therefore becomes a target for the internet hate machine.
Be a part of the whole, do not attack each other can you not see that this is what they want?
Unite as one and let us be the spark that ignites the fires of change.
United as One.
Divided by 0.
We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do forget.
Expects Us.


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