This Is Radio Plane | S1-E6 | 25/11/2014 (w/ The Screaming Fly)


    Interview w/ The Screaming Fly

    The Screaming Fly – Space Fly
    The Screaming Fly – Skeleton
    Bazooka – Ravening Trip
    Los Natas – Meteoro 2028
    Screaming Dead Baloons – Hello Darling Sweet N Honey
    Sonic Youth – Death Valley 69
    The Screaming Fly – Still Alive
    Goat – Run to Your Mama
    The New Christs – Born Out of Time
    The Screaming Fly – Mushroom
    Pink Floyd – The Nile Song
    High on Fire – Hung Drawn & Quartered
    The Gun Club – Bad Indian
    Ty Segall Band – Wave Goodbye
    BLML – Monkey Brain
    The Screaming Fly – Real
    The Dead Dranks – Rejected
    Gene Clark – Strength of Strings
    Μπάμπης Παπαδόπουλος – Με ένα φίλο απ’τα παλιά
    The Screaming Fly – Here

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