When I Move

Dir. Ville Salminen / Finland / 2009

A footballer, kickboxer, modern dancer, and street dancer describe their relationship with movement – how they experience surroundings when they move and what makes them give up and continue again.

An Obscure Entertainment Production: http://obscure.fi/

Original Title: Kun Liikun
Producers: Petra Välimäki, Kristiina Jaako
Executive Producer: Ville Rissanen
Sound designer: Veera Niemi
Music: Michael Law
Editor: Arttu Luukkonen

Footballer: Laura Nokkala
Modern dancer: Iina Taijonlahti
Street dancer: Panu Sandholm
Kickboxer: Annukka Isomaa
The voice of the footballer: Minka Kuustonen
The voice of the modern dancer: Riikka Papunen



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