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Four Years On: What Greece Can Learn from Golden Dawn Trial

Golden Dawn handed over free food and supplies to Greek citizens in need in Syntagma Square, Athens. 01 August 2012 Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS

By Tassos Morfis, originally published in Athens Live

April 20 marks the four-year anniversary since the start of the Golden Dawn trial. Four years of testimonies, audio-visual records, thousands of pages of transcripts, and a continuous stream of doubts …

Work for Idle Hands

I met Christos in 2011, when we were launching omniatv. He and I were the most active in reporting from the streets. We thought it a given that we’d be able to cover events without any problems, since Greece has …

Τhe Warrant

Someone must have been telling lies about Christos B. He knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested.

Or, well, he wasn’t precisely arrested – he hadn’t found mysterious men on his doorstep coming to take …

Greece: οmniatv founding member charged with felonies for news coverage

29 June 2013: Anarchist prisoner Kostas Sakkas is on hunger strike to protest the extension of his remand beyond the maximum legal duration. A solidarity march is scheduled to take place, beginning with a rally in Monastiraki Square.

On …

Tasos Theofilou’s court plea

I shall start my plea by clarifying once again that I deny the accusations against me.
There are two counts of charges against me. The first is my alleged participation in the CCoF, the second one is my …

Moria camp, Lesvos: Refugees exposed to heavy snowfall

A few days ago, minister Mouzalas claimed that “there is not a single refugee exposed to the cold”.

Today, we received the following footage with this note:

We are a small grassroot volunteer group working out of Northern Lesbos. Today …

Open Letter from the Prisoners of Greek Prisons on Pellumb Marnikollaj’s death


Open letter from the prisoners of Greek prisons to the jointly responsible ministers of public order and justice:

On the 3rd of August 2016, the recently released -and former co-prisoner of ours- Pëllumb Marnikollaj goes to Patisia Police Station to …

Press release by Beyond Europe on the No Border Camp from 15th-24th July in Thessaloniki


During the last week a public picture of lawlessness and destructive energy has been created surrounding the No Border Camp. For instance, Giannis Boutaris – the mayor of Thessaloniki – is concerned about the occupation of the Aristole University …

Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas on the attack at Proto Thema

photograph Eurokinissi

Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas

”Proto Thema” (first issue) newspaper constitutes the flagship of state-led propaganda. Proto Thema’s journalists are selling cheap populism in order to promote the most conservative positions that currently exist: an indecent blend that concern issues …

N.I.F.: Many of the demands of protesting prisoners in Korydallos have been satisfied

Network of Imprisoned Fighters

During the last few months mobilizations have taken place in Korydallos prison in the form of refusing midday lockdown and delaying evening lockdown, an increase in time spent in the yard in the morning and afternon, …

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