Tasos Theofilou : His case and the upcoming trial



On August 2012 an armed robbery took place in Paros, an island of Greece, during which, a 53year old taxi driver, who tried to prevent the robbery, was mortally wounded


The plot


For an unknown reason, counter-terrorism services took over the case of the robbery. Few days later, Tasos Theofilou, an anarcho-communist, got arrested.


 Counter-terrorism services claim that they were led to Tasos Theofilou, after an anonymous call they received, during which somebody mentioned that one of the culprits of the armed robbery in Paros was named Tasos, who is involved in terrorism. Additionally, the anonymous caller also mentioned where Tasos Theofilou used to live.




Few days later, counter-terrorism services claimed that they received a new phone call, from the same anonymous person, during which they were told where Tasos Theofilou was at that time. The funny thing about this story, is that counter-terrorism services claim that they don’t have number identification.



 Plainclothes policemen detained Tasos Theofilou and in order to justify the violent fingerprinting and DNA sampling, they accused him with vagrancy and resisting arrest


Counter-terrorism services claimed that a hat was dropped from the culprit of the robbery, which had DNA on it that matched Tasos’ DNA. In the last few years, every anarchist that gets arrested, he is accused automatically of being a member in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.




Usually, the process of DNA matching can only prove the acquittal and not the guilt of someone. As an example, DNA from the skin of a person can only prove that this DNA does not belong to millions of people, but it can’t prove 100% the identity of the person that it came from.


Despite all these, in the case of Tasos Theofilou, it is really strange that fact that


1) no other DNA was found on the hat.


2) a scarf and a cell phone was dropped from the culprit of the robbery, but there wasn’t any DNA of Tasos Theofilou.


3) there wasn’t any fingerprint at the crime scene, despite the fact that the culprit touched objects inside the bank that cannot be moved, without any gloves.


4) counter-terrorism services gave out photos of the robbery, where the culprit appeared on the photos, could match the characteristics of millions of people, but not Tasos Theofilou.






 The criminalization of personal relationships


The second section of accusations that Tasos Theofilou is facing, is about his impending participation in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, an accusation we see pretty often imputed when it comes to anarchist prisoners.


Counter-terrorism services claimed that Tasos Theofilou looked like a person that could be a member of CCF. So, this accusation is based only in policemen’s guessings.




In other words…


If you are an anarchist, you have guns and you are automatically a member of CCF.


If you are an anarchist and you have friends who are members of CCF then you are a member too.




Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?




The greek Media





Greek media,  started contributing to the lies of the counter-terrorism services by calling Tasos Theofilou a murder and a member of the Conspirancy of Cells of Fire. All these vulgar accusations by the media occured not just before his trial, but even before any charges against him were laid.



In order to creat of a monstrous profile of Tasos Theofilou, media started calling his house a bomb lab and at the same time they kept posting photos of him worn down by insomnia. Greek media also used a blog of T.T where he used to write fiction stories, that were presented like real stories that actually happened.




The case of Tasos Theofilou is being used even politically till now, since he used to have “friends” on his facebook page who “belonged” to the SYRIZA party. Tasos Theofilou during an interview claims that this plot that was set up against him can only be based on media and believes that if media didn’t exist, he wouldn’t even be arrested at the first place.






The trial


After a 5 month postponing, on Monday 11/11/2013  the trial of Tasos Theofilou will take place in Athens, where there will be also a gathering of people in solidarity with T.T. at 09:00




On twitter: Hashtag #Free_TassiosThita   the twitter account of Tasos Theofilou is @TassiosThita






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