Greek court rules “unjust imprisonment” compensation for 2 HIV+ women

HIV positive women who have been publicly humiliated and imprisoned for many months in 2012, are winning a first, but small, vindication.

On Friday, April 4th, an appeal by two of them for compensation over unjust imprisonment was judged. They were imprisoned in 2012, just before the first of the double national elections, during a crackdown unleashed by then Minister of Health, Andreas Loverdos.

The court decided that their imprisonment was unjust and ruled that they will each be compensated with 10.00€ per day of imprisonment.

It’s a first, institutional vindication for their imprisonment, mistreatment and the effects over their lives. Nonetheless, it’s the smallest possible amount the court could rule.

Meanwhile, numerous battles remain to be fought in the legal field. Eleven of the women will be tried for midemeanour charges in January 23, 2015, since their trial was deferred from March 28, this year. Another two will be tried next September.

An application to European Court of Human Rights has also been filed by some of the women and organizations supporting their rights.

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