A.Reyes from RadioZapatista about the latest attack against Zapatistas #Geleano


The ambush against the Zapatistas, which took place in the caracol of La Realidad on May 2nd, 2014, has resulted in the death of José Luis Solís López, “votán” of the school of Liberty according to the Zapatistas and widely known as ‘Galeano’. The consequences from this brutal attack, include the injury of fifteen individuals, the destruction of two classrooms in the local school as well as the building where the Zapatista medical clinic was housed, while damages to nearby vehicles and goods belonging to the Zapatista Autonomous Project are also discerned.

Below, there is an interview of Alejandro Reyes, provided by OmniaTV. A. Reyes is a member of RadioZapatista, which is based in Chiapas, Mexico. RadioZapatista, is an alternative radio collective reporting on zapatismo and struggles inspired by zapatismo in Mexico, the US and around the world. Its members are in regular contact with the Zapatista communities.
Alejandro Abrozo, talked to us about Zapatistas and their way of life, the role and action of paramilitary groups in the region and most importantly, the latest ambush towards amarmed members of the Zapatista community.




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