Female inmates in Korydallos Prison are treated like second class citizens

This announcement was written by female inmates in Korydallos Prison, after an entire floor which was supposed to house female inmates was used to confine members of the Nazi organization Golden Dawn. In order to achieve this, many female prisoners were transferred to another facility, the Theva Prison for Women, notorious for being over-crowded and having severely bad conditions. While it seems that keeping the members of the Golden Dawn comfortable is the main priority of the Greek government and the prison management, the impact of moving female prisoners on a higher level floor, creates a great difficulty for the transfer of disabled female inmates who have to be examined by the doctor regularly. The following letter was published on Athens Indymedia today.


‘We were informed a while ago, that our transfer from B wing of the female prison to the floor where the neo-nazi MPs of Golden Dawn are confined, was already decided. The wing they are currently in, was originally designed and created for female prisoners, but now they are planning to keep us crammed and packed like mice in a cage, on a single floor, so that the six members of the Golden Dawn which are currently imprisoned, won’t lose their privileges. In short, there are two floors with equal capacity to house inmates: on one floor they intend to confine one hundred women, while on the other, only six prisoners. Obviously, the exercise yard will be used exclusively by them, while we will only be able to use our old yard, having to go through the kitchens and other common spaces (used by all prisoners). Since there will be visual contact among them and us, we will be exposed to their sexist, racist and abusive slurs since their behaviour has been vulgar this entire time.

We would like to mention, that in the past, the neo-nazis have demanded to have their food served by Greek prisoners only and not immigrants since they regard them as ‘lower beings’. Despite the fact that we are losing a much-needed space, the Ministry of Justice has consistently ignored the needs of disabled prisoners, especially those with severe movement problems, who will not be able to climb up and down the stairs to get to the hospital for their medical care. Simultaneously, in order to decrease the number of female prisoners,(so we can ‘fit better’ in our newly designated space), they are moving tens of inmates to the female prison in Theva, an over-populated prison which houses double the number of prisoners than its capacity. The conditions experienced by inmates there are abominable and degrading.

But, if the Ministry of Justice thinks we will not fight while our rights are being taken away from us, they are wrong. We will not passively watch this injustice go on, we will not leave the provocations of the Golden Dawn and the government unanswered. This announcement is the first step of our protest, against the fascist logic which proclaims that some prisoners deserve privileges while others suffer in deprivation. We call on all those in charge for running the prisons to claim responsibility, because we are not giving up on our rights and our decency without a fight. We call for the minister of justice Charalambos Athanasiou and the general secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Marinos Sardamis, to visit our prison and solve this problem, which has caused the unfair transfer of inmates to a prison with such degrading conditions.

Prison Struggle Committee of Female Prisons’


Source: https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1530163/

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