Petition for granting student’s leaves to prisoners on hunger strike


Since November 11, 2014, Nikos Romanos began a hunger strike demanding student’s leaves from prison, in order to be able to follow university classes in the school that he was accepted after succeeding in exams.

His application to the Prison Council – consisting by an attorney general (Nikolaos Poimenidis), the prison director (Charalambia Koutsomichali) as well as a social worker – still remain unanswered, while the appeals court interrogator (Eftichis Nikolopoulos), who has been claiming up to now that he has no authority over the matter, has sent a document to the Council, reporting that his application for granting student’s leaves from prison has been denied.

Iraklis Kostaris, another prisoner who is on hunger strike since the 29th of October, asking for student’s leaves from prison to follow classes at his university (TEI of Piraeus), is subject to the same rejection of documents from the Council.

We, the signers of this petition, fully support the struggle of the hunger strikers and denounce the infringement of their legal rights. We proclaim our solidarity and we ask the authorities to grant all needed students’ leaves from prison to Nikos Romanos and Iraklis Kostaris immediately.

We consider the Prison Council responsible for every day of hunger strike and for whatever happens from now on.


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