More prisoners join the hunger strike to defend the right to educational furloughs

Support banner for prisoner Nikos Romanos, hunger striker since the 10th of November

The following announcement was made by two prisoners who have begun their hunger strike since Monday, December the 1st, in solidarity with the hunger strikers Nikos Romanos and Yiannis Mihailedes.

Since the 10th of November our friend and comrade Nikos Romanos is on hunger strike demanding educational leaves which he is entitled to, based on current legislation. But his struggle could not in any case be perceived without the political context defined by him, and be regarded as anything less than our own need for the complete abolition of a system of oppression which for centuries has been dominating our lives.

We could have never ignored the general political climate that exists, the harsh coercion of the state and the capital against anyone who attempts to resist against capitalist barbarism and the attack against the ‘parasites’ of the economic system. At a time when the Ministry of Justice prepares type C prisons in order to transfer anarchist and communist militants and those dissenting in prison, Nikos chose the road to resistance trying to defend himself and to an extension all of us, as a response to the increasing isolation he is experiencing.

On the 24/11 his transfer to the hospital was ordered by the attorney. The attorney for prisons, also sent a document to the hospital stating forthrightly that the responsibility for Nikos’ life depends on the doctors, implying the option of force-feeding to the medical staff. Despite all that, whether they like it or not, the blame for whatever happens to Nikos is on the Ministry of Justice, Nikolipoulos and the prison council.

As a minimum indication of our solidarity we will also proceed, like comrade Yiannis Mihailedes ( hunger striker since 17/11), to a hunger strike on Monday 1/12 until his demand is fulfilled.

”Because there is a strength of human nature, thanks to which we can accomplish everything, a determination and a clear orientation of the heart, and whoever has this must nnot allow fear to take over”.

Andreas Dimitris Bourzoukos
Dimitris Politis

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