District Attorney suggests not to grant the educational furloughs for Nikos Romanos

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The district attorney has suggested that the application for educational leaves of absence made by Nikos Romanos, in order for the prisoner to continue his attendance at his school at the Technological Institute of Athens, is rejected, according to the prisoner’s legal representation.

The advocates will not request an extension of time to sumbit a memorandum, given the criticality of the condition of Nikos Romanos, but will ask for the immediate convocation of the Council of the First Instance Court in Pireaus, in order to rule a decision that concerns life itself.

Simultaneously, the staff association of the hospital ”G.Gennimatas” has announced that the condition of his health is compromised, while they highlight the attempt of the authorities ”using an order by the attorney of the republic” to instruct the medical staff to force feed the young man in order to break the hunger strike.

Translation: BlackCat

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