Violation of prisoners’ rights as Domokos Penitentiary now operates as a Type C prison

The document states that the prisoner D.Baltas cannot be granted a furlough due to statute 187, however he was never found guilty under this legislation.

Written by: Tassios Thita (Translation:BlackCat)

Since the completion of the degongestion of Domokos Penitntiary, following a decrease in the number of prisoners from 650 to 200 and after the installation of modern technology cameras in order to inspect the interior of the cells, the first step to the essential operation of type C prisons was made just a few days ago.
The prison council at Domokos (which still does not include a social worker since the prison accountant was appointed in that position) rejected a prisoner’s appeal for a furlough lasting a few days, with the excuse that it is not possible since the prison is now a Type C facility and the specific prisoner has been found guilty of homicide and participation in a criminal organization.

But this prisoner has not been convicted based on the definition of criminal organizations as described by statute 187- as the prison council has falsely claimed- given that his conviction took place in 1995, when this statute or the thought of it did not even exist. Consequently, he should not fall into the Type C category, according to the assessment criteria of the legislation introduced by Charalambos Athanasiou.

As the prisoner D. Baltas reports, the attorney participating in the prison council has provided him with a verbal explanation that he can’t afford to take responsibility of granting him a furlough, since his conviction received a lot of public attention in the past, highlighting in the most cynical way that the narrative that defined the necessity for this type of imprisonment, as well as the very operation of type C prisons, do not really ”fulfill any existing social needs” but a media related aspect.

As it has already been proven by prisoners detained in this facility at the moment, the assessment criterion is not dependent on ”dangerousness” but whether the prisoners are recognizable, without any acknowledgement of the fact that the prisoners burried inside this prison- with their rights being stepped on- are real people and not just images portrayed on ΤV during some crime report.

Concluding, the act of the prison council of Domokos Penitentiary to deprive a prisoner eligible to obtain furloughs from a much needed leave of absence, using unsubstantiated and false reasoning, shows that the very real and abominable legislation of Type C prisons, brought forward by Athanasiou, exempts attorneys and prison managers from their primary responsibilities and allows them to act arbitrarily, while they are held accountable only when their decisions are a source of relief for prisoners.

Source: Οι φυλακές Δομοκού εγκαινιάζουν τη λειτουργία τους ως ”τυπου Γ”

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