Update on Syrian Refugees: Repression, Abandonment and Chaos

By Sylvia (Translation:BlackCat)


According to information and Thanassis Kourkoulas, member of the Movement Deport Racism, as well as the Syrian man who spoke to us yesterday, the personal properties of the Syrian refugees are still missing.

Today, the search for the lost objects was completed. The refugees initially went to the cleaning management of Athens Municipality, where they were told that their belongings were not stored there. Next they referred to the Immigration Department and the Lost and Found office of the Syntagma P.D., where they also received a negative response. Everyone states they are unaware where the possessions of the refugees have been transferred.

Twenty-two people are missing personal objects, such as bags containing their Syrian identification cards, passports, cellphones and address books. Two refugees claim losing money, along with other objects.

When the police operation took place at Syntagma Square and people were dragged to the Police Department, they were not allowed to take their possessions with them, however, were not informed to collect their documents.

Since the refugees could not take their possessions, after they were led to the police department they did not have any identification papers on them, so they were considered ”unidentified”, which resulted in being provided with a document that warns them to leave the country within the next 30 days.

The refugees have temporarily found shelter from activists in solidarity, but these are not rooms designed to accommodate people. At the same time, the refugees staying in hotel rooms, which were allocated to them by the Mayor of Athens Mr. Kaminis, are not allowed to stay longer than 15 days. The same condition applies to those accommodated to the second hotel, arrangements for which were made by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, as they are only allowed to stay for ten days, but can be given a discount should they wish to remain longer, according to the hotelier. They claim that it is not possible to let them to stay beyond that time frame since these rooms are also available to Greeks in need of shelter.

Obviously, every effort to accommodate the refugees at this time can only be temporary. Until a while ago they were still searching for shelter, for a family of five and three men who ”exceeded” the capacity of the provided accommodation, as there was not any available space for them. Accommodation was eventually found in Chalandri, but only for a few days.

The County, was called to provide help in finding accommodation for the refugees, but claimed that there aren’t any available buildings under its ownership and that an effort is being made to find a solution with the Archbishopry of Athens. Simultaneously, the county authorities suggested that supporters of refugees contact members of the clergy independently, to find a solution over the matter.

Source: https://omniatv.com/blog/4990-syrianrefugeesgr-%CE%B5%CE%BD%CE%B7%CE%BC%CE%AD%CF%81%CF%89%CF%83%CE%B7-16%CE%B4%CE%B5%CE%BA%CE%B5%CE%BC%CE%B2%CF%81%CE%AF%CE%BF%CF%85

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