The Athens Bar Association occuppied in solidarity to the struggle against the Greek Guantanamo.

Banner that reads : Abolition of Type C Prisons-signed by ‘Occupation of Bar Association Athens’ (Photgraph: Dromoraphos)

The following announcement was published by the group of people who chose to resist the inhmane shift in penal policy, pushed by the government in the previous year.

As a group of comrades in solidarity to the struggle of political prisoners we decided to occupy the building housing the Bar Association in Athens. With this direct action we intend to mobilize the Lawyers Association to take a stance against the covert transfers of prisoners to Domokos Prison, which, since this summer -when the relevant bill passed- turned into a maximum security prison (Type C), given the level of international awareness on how the prevailing inhumane conditions and the governing institutional framework amount to torture (for example Guantanamo or the type F prisons in Turkey).

Type C prisons are intended for convicts imprisoned for felonies involving firearms and disobedient prisoners, in cotrast to the milder type A (for finacial crime) and type B (comprised of the main body of prisoners). For lifers in type C, decarceration or furloughs are not provided before the completion of 20 years (although until today this was 8 years). For non-lifers, the minimum time of detention in this prison is four years and the prison attorney assesses whether a prisoner will remain there, twice a year.

Prisoners are now experiencing ”the prison within a prison”, with stringent conditions of decarceration and the creation of an extremely controlled environment. Prisoners’ rights that had been established after bloody struggles within prison walls are instantly abolished and a new regime of fear is crystallized for prisoners.

While the right coalition government is taking the final breaths of its predatory term against the people of Greece, a day after the announcement of the elections, the plan to transfer prisoners to Domokos Prison was actualized. First was the transfer of Nikos Maziotis, followed by the transfer of political prisoners detained in isolation for the past 12,5 years in the Sixth Ward in Korydallos, including Koufontinas, Ghiotopoulos and Tzortzatos as well as Gournas, Naxakis and Sarafoudis, along with other recalcitrant prisoners.

It’s been observed that their extreme capitalist and criminal political actions are no longer accepted by the vast majority of the social body so they attempt to embrace the most conservative segments with the guarantee for more peace, order and safety, a line of politics paved by the previous dictator Papadopoulos. And to ensure this, they initiated a recital of scaremongering and moral panics to convoy the arrest of Christodoulos Xiros, on January the 3d.

Is there a resident in Greece who truly fears political prisoners? The people are afraid of the government and the new austerity measures, not those who sacrificed their most precious asset, their freedom, in the struggle for the liberation of society.

With our action we want to mobilize people who remain unaware that society in its entirety can become a prison. It is certain that the digital and print media guided by capitalists and the government, will continue to preoccuppy themselves with the intimidation the public and the shaping of public opinion accordingly and not with the issues that truly matter in society, but we won’t give up.

Cancellation of all transfers

Abolition of Type C prisons

Furloughs to all political prisoners with no exceptions


Kostas Papadakis, member of the Lawyers’ Association Committee and the radical left party Antarsya, reveals the illegal framework of Type C prisons and the vengeful as well as the symbolic nature of this type of imprisonment as a response to social movements,  struggles and dissent. For english subs press ”cc”

(video by Angelos Kalokoudas for


Translation: BlackCat


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