Domokos Prison: prisoner found dead in his cell caused inmates to protest

By Filistina

According to information provided by prisoners confined in Domokos Prison, the 53 year old Alkiviades Mezas died at 4 am on Tuesday, February 3d, as a result of cardiac arrest. Mr. A. Mezas had a general feeling of discomfort since yesterday noon and asked to be examined by doctors but the prison service was completely indifferent to his needs and the only sign of care they exhibited was a prison guard regularly sent to check on the prisoner, who was eventually found dead after 16 hours.

Needless to say, that the prison service and the government are held responsible for the prisoner’s death. The lack of healthcare staff and the murderous indifference of the prison service have caused the death of two prisoners, incidents that could have been prevented had the patients been transferred to a medical centre on time.

This is not a first time incident in Domokos. Two months ago a corresponding incident took place causing 58 year-old prisoner Manolis Ghalanis to lose his life from heart failure. There is no resident doctor in this prison, and nursing duties are taken up by a single prison guard who remains responsible for hundreds of prisoners.

Prisoners of the E1 ward in Type C Domokos Prison (the Greek Guantanamo) have refused to enter their cells at noon as a form of protest and demand the public reassurance of the Ministry of Justice and the minister himself for the creation of a 24-hour medical care facility with specialized staff and doctors in Domokos Prison.


Source: report by Filistina-OmniaTV

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