Is motherhood considered a crime?

Banner in Sparta declares solidarity of local anarchists with the struggle of the members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei and demands the immediate release of their family members (source Indymedia)

The following statement was signed by the Initiative of Mothers of Political Prisoners and was published on on Tuessday, March the 10th: 

Were the mothers of insurgents of resistance considered terrorists for giving shelter to their sons?

Were the mothers who opened their homes around the Athens Polytechnic to keep students haunted by the junta in 1973 safe,considered terrorists?

The answer of the current Greek State to the above questions, after deciding to remand the mother of Christos and Gherasimos Tsakalos with charges regarding terrorist action is : YES

The remand of a decent mother of political prisoners with ridiculous, unjustified and made-up charges is a shame for our civilization and our traditions.

This is the first time, a mother is remanded for doing her self-evident duty:

We call on the conscience of every free-thinking human being and we ask for you to join us, asking for the immediate retraction of this unreasonable and vengeful decision of the posecutors.

We declare to every direction that we are determined to stand by our imprisoned children, which we are proud of as mothers.

We also want to caution the competent ministers of Justice and Public Order that if the hunger strike initiated by our chridren since March the 2nd, results in the tragic loss of their lives, we will consider them solely responsible.

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