Inmates claim man died of medical negligence in Greece’s Prison Hospital yesterday

By BlackCat

A patient lost his life yesterday in Korydallos Prison Hospital. The man, whose name has not been published yet, asked repeatedly to see a doctor, according to information provided by twitter account @kolastirio. Based on the same source, the man who was found dead around 7pm had already informed prison staff he was feeling unwell since four o’ clock in the afternoon.

Thirty nine days earlier Alkiviades Mezas died from heart failure in Domokos Penitentiary, after prison staff declined to transfer him to a medical facility. Despite the protests sparked by that incident, the investigation ordered by the Ministry of Justice and the reports by prisoners whose testimonies had been excluded from the investigation, the Ministry of Justice seems not only to have failed in dealing with that incident but incapable to stop the murderous cycle of negligence that perpetuates across Greece’s prisons.

Despite the presence of the Secretary General E. Fytrakis in Kolastirio earlier today, it seems unlikely that a prison culture rooted in the principle of protecting prison staff and not prisoners will be reversed any time soon.

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