The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry supports the hunger strikers in prison

Following thoroughly the hunger strike that commenced on March the 2nd, 2015, while having been in touch with the medical doctors and taking into account the facts so far as well as the published medical reports, we intend to clarify the following:  

The penalization of friendship and kinship as well as the criminalization of political and social resistance with the use of aggravating factors in sentencing or the labelling of ”terrorism” constitutes a statutory creation characterizing authoritarian regimes and is completed by the violent acquiring of DNA.

Type C prisons, as we have stated repeatedly is a premeditated crime of the system of discipline which does not aim at rehabilitation but the institutionalization and the unsocialization of inmates considered as ”dangerous” or ”undisciplined”.

The right to healthcare is a fundamental right for everyone with no exception, detained or not, innocent or guilty, legal or illegal etc. Denying healthcare to a multiple trauma patient suffering from 98% disability not only is reminiscent of but it literally is a ”constitutional vigilante” type of vendetta which belongs to the morally reprehensible act of torture.

It has been previously noted that the healthcare of prisoners and hunger strikers within prison ranges between non-existent and inefficient. The Prison ”Hospital” in Korydallos and its equivalent in Domokos Penitentiary cannot fulfill the current needs.

The recent transfer of hunger strikers to the hospital in Lamia, demonstrates that it’s a department of torture and not treatment.  An indication for this constitutes the freezer ward in Lamia hospital, resulting in prisoners to plead for their return to the prison. Similar conditions are evident in the Prison Hospital in Korydallos, respectively.  

The death of a prisoner on March 14th in Korydallos, who was asking to be transferred to the hospital since 16:00 and the provocative negligence of the prison guards resulting in his death at 17:30 make it clear that the value of human life within penal institutions is degraded.

Concluding, the ”sudden” cancellation of the event: ”The social construction of dangerousness and supermaximum security structures” organized by the Initiative, a manifold movement for mental health, was ordered by the Dean and we are not startled by it as it only confirms the panoptical control and the abolition of public space regarding gatherings or events that are not approved by the state and its institutions.

Going though the 15th day of the hunger strike and examining the medical reports of the doctors who examined the prisoners, we express our worry for the condition of their health since the physical integrity of a hunger striker increases significantly after the tenth day. Given that the hunger strike will go on, we agree with the estimation that in the next few days the deregulation of their organs will be manifested, a deregultion which is expected to lead to conditions that pose a threat to their physical, cognitive and mental health, even to life itself.

We remind once again that the necessity or deprivation of healthcare is a decision made by medical doctors and not the police authorities. We call on all medical staff to rise to the occasion and not to succumb to pressure or blackmail.

Translation: BlackCat
Origininal Article: Ανακοίνωση του Παρατηρητηρίου Ψυχοκοινωνικών Δικαιωμάτων για την απεργία πείνας.

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