Update from the occupation of the Athens Law School

The occupation at the University of Athens, School of Law

The Law School has been occupied as an act of solidarity to the incarcerated hunger strikers and constitutes a space of political pressure for the abolition of supermaximum detention facilities and law reform. At the same time, the Dean of the University has already filed a lawsuit against the occupiers, following an indictment issued yesterday by the Public  Prosecutor. The  announcement below is an update on the occupation posted online today:

On Friday, March the 13th, in the morning, we proceeded to the occupation of the Law School building, claiming the immediate fulfillment of the demands made by political prisoners- currently hunger strikers. Our aim was and still remains, the occupation not to be the only centre of the struggle, but one of many. An extensive statement on the purpose of the occupation is part of our announcement that was distributed on the first day of the occupation. All these days, there has been a widespread silence on the part of the occupation, urging us to proceed to a standard informative announcement, in terms of comradery and not assessment, regarding how and why we are still here.

Initially, the body of the assembly did not manage to fulfill the majority of the decisions. Nevertheless, despite the body of the occupation having already decided that initiatives will be carried out in cooperation with the guards, this procedure was never in accordance with open assembly body. As a result, the initiatives never came to fruition and through this silence they were rendered apolitical. Thus, a discrepancy between purpose and action was created, which was caused by heterogeneous elements, lack of experience and the discredit of collective decision making. But, for all these problems that appeared, the occupation body undertakes to conduct an assesment after ending the occupation.

Despite all these problems and difficulties, we ought to stay here and get to where we can, because at the same time political prisoners -captives of the state use their bodies as a means of defence against state dissonance and because we have a very important weapon in our hands, a bulwark of struggle which we will not abandon. The issue here is not whether we make use of it but how, since there is an immense need for struggle and the Law School must not be yielded.

For this reason, we call to a pre-assebly on Tuesday 17/3 at 16:00 and open assemply after the demo at 21:00

Translation: BlackCat

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