Immigrant worker from Egypt tortured and raped by members of fascist group

Waleed Taleb: victim of race motivated assault, torture and rape by his employer and three others

By Herko/ Editor: Iraklis Kakavanis

On Tuesday, March the 10th the trial of Waleed Taleb begun. The Egyptian worker tortured for two consecutive days by his employer and three others, was chained in a stable in Salamina where he was raped, beaten and robbed (12.000 euro). Waleed was saved because he managed to escape, almost unconscious, otherwise he would have been dead. The defendants were never remanded, they move freely in the area of Salamina and threaten Waleed every time they come across him at the courthouse.

”For the trial of Waleed’s torturers : After four postponements, an evacuation of the building, a hearing adjournment for personal reasons of the public prosecutor and a fire alarm, the trial of the torturers finally begun. The four torturers (G. Sgourdas, his son St. Sgourdas, F.Zoto and G. Zachariades) sat next to each other before the judge, while a police squad prevented people in solidarity from entering the courtroom causing a small turn-out at the start of the hearing. During the proceedings the room became full of people in solidarity with Waleed.

The trial started with Waleed’s testimony. The shocking testimony of Waleed. Tears welled in our eyes and we were overwhelmed with anger after having to listen to all the appaling details of his assault. All this time Waleed was employed in a bakery in Salamina, where his employer called him demeaningly by women’s names or by names like Mohammed in order to make fun of his religion. He was made fun of when he fasted for Ramaddan, but according to Waleed this was the least they did. His torture that day lasted more than 24 hours. It started inside the preparation room and then he was transfered to a stable where he was chained onto wooden post from the ceiling. They put a metallic chain around his neck and laughed at him. They hit him mercilessly on the head using a stick, poured beer on him and put out cigarettes on his skin. They stripped him down in order to remove his wallet (which contained money that belonged to him, his brother and two of his friends).

Among the banknotes were pictures of his wife and children which they teared before his eyes, while they threw all of the coins to his head. The torture escalated to the rape of Waleed with a metallic stick. When he was describing this he broke down and said: ”What am I supposed to tell my wife and children on the phone? That I was beaten? That I was raped?” In the end, Waleed answered to the questions of the judge and the lawyers of the civil suit regarding the severity of the torture and his emotional and physical condition following the incident. Waleed expressed his fear for all people, as he said ”I am afraid of all people because I don’t know what they will do to me”.

The attitude of the torturers after committing these acts until today in court, can be described at least as provocative. Whenever they came across Waleed, they made offensive gestures from afar threatening to kill him. Sgourdas came in court today smiling. He was escorted out of the courtroom by a police squad and approximately ten officers and I hope he got the message. After the completion of Waleed’s testimony the judge asked the defence attorney to ask his questions but he chose to start next time (which will be on the 31st of March in room 310). The people in solidarity with Waleed who were present requested for Waleed to get out first, in order to ensure his safety, which was done. Outside the courthouse and while Waleed was obviously feeling distressed, he was protected by the crowd of people in solidarity and asked us to thank everyone who showed up (from the facebook wall of Marianna Roumelioti).

Waleed’s testimony was like a bucket of iced water on the face of society keeping busy with other things, such as the photoshoot of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis with his wife Danae for a lifestyle magazine. The level of inhumanity of a society that day after day consumes undigested reactionary ideology. The anti-immigration policy and the ideology that worships exploitation is a greenhouse of brutality.

The report was suggested by a friend- one of the many people who have shown solidarity to the immigrant during the trial. The same person commented on social media: ”It was tragic listening to him describe everything but also infuriating to see the perpetrators so calm and provocative, while the judge and the prosecutor asked some infuriating questions. The trial will continue on the 31st of March. We will be there again to support Waleed. Society owes him that. Fear must cross over to the side of his torturers which ofcourse are members of the Golden Dawn. Today, they got a small taste.

When a society shows signs of fascism or indifference, there is an increase in these incidents.

When it comes to Justice, it is not necessary to look back to earlier court verdicts such as that of the Manolada case. Lets focus on a recent and seemingly unrelated verdict: that of the deputy of the Golden Dawn E. Kassidiaris ”the blow was not straight forward so an intent to cause a heavy injury cannot be consolidated”.

(I want to thank my friend Antioppos for his significant contribution)

Originally appeared on: ΑΤΕΧΝΩΣ

Translation for OmniaTV: BlackCat

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