Open letter and memorandum of protest to Amnesty International



On the occasion of the recent report of Amnesty International, denouncing Palestinian armed groups for war crimes, the Greek Association for Solidarity with the Palestinian People – INTIFADA sent and publishes an open letter and a memorandum of protest to Amnesty International, concerning its general stance on the Palestinian issue.

In the memorandum, the stance of Amnesty International is examined not under the view of the groups of solidarity with the Palestinian people and resistance, but on the basis of its own framework which in theory is the defense of human rights and the impartial denunciation of violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, by whoever commits them. 

In the memorandum, only some of the most important aspects of the problematic way Amnesty International addresses the Palestinian issue, are examined, such as:

 Refusal to support the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people
Disproportionate exposure of violations
Selective examination of specific violations only by one side
Delay in examining serious allegations
Refusal to refer to the crime of apartheid
Selective and deficient work about the rights of prisoners
Refusal to accuse specific Israeli officials
The appeal for arms embargo against both sides
Double standards about international military interventions

Download and read the entire memorandum of protest, in English:

Open letter and memorandum of protest to Amnesty International

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