The trial of the Golden Dawn: the beginning or the end?

Adolf Hilter during his detention in Landsberg with Hermann Kriebel and Emil Maurice

By Ypopto Mousi

In the cloudy morning of the 26th of February 1924 no man’s mind could grasp the unimaginable: a skinny and nervous WWI veteran sergeant would affect the destiny of millions of people, sending most of them to an early grave.

Climbing the stairs of the court house in Munich, the accused for high treason Adolf Hitler would utilize this unique opportunity just like any other contemporary politician. Weimar Republic would be generous with him and along with the contribution of judges as well as the public, since hundreds of people would flock to watch the trial in the following 24 days, Adolf Hitler had already prepared his performance. The coup état he had attempted might have failed but the outcomes of this tragic effort to claim authority, would be plentiful.

The daily press reproduced his orations word by word, propagating the unknown politician all over Germany, a country wounded from the heavy financial sanctions after its defeat in WWI. His actions were limited to fiery speeches he gave in pubs, for the betrayal of former politicians and the need for Germany to pursue revenge.

The beginning of the trial of a criminal organization acting under the guise of constitutionalism named Golden Dawn, was set for April the 20th. Sixty-nine members of the organization will be put on the stand including the parliamentary group of the previous period in its entirety. The indictment includes numerous offenses such as founding a criminal organization, carrying weapons, asaults, arson and attempts to murder.

The way this trial is handled by all those involved directly or indirectly in it (mass media, witnesses, anti-fascist activists, defence attorneys) is crucial because of the underlying danger to constitute a platform of propaganda for the criminal elements indicted. Unfortunately, apart from the various incidents of violence and racism which now feature daily in the public eye, the recent elections have indicated susceptibility to possible hate speeches and efforts to turn this into a political trial.

The only way to avoid creating auspicious conditions for the Nazis is to be confronted by justice for what they truly are without rounding-offs and grey areas. As Criminals. The case-files and the rulings given to publicity so far, attest the creation and management of raid troops by leading members of the golden dawn, describe phone calls after the premeditated murder of Pavlos Fyssas, outline a ring of extortioners, record unjustified quantities of weapons, military trainings and a plethora of motives. Considering these, no political stance or political explanation could suffice.

If we want this trial to signify the end and not the beginning of a new era of fascim and racist hatred in the country we live in, if we want everyone embracing or sympathetic to these criminal activities to retract to their caves, then this is the direction we need to follow.

Translation: BlackCat

Source: Η δίκη της Χρυσής Αυγής: Αρχή ή Τέλος;

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