Golden Dawn members assault witnesses on the first day of trial

Mihalis Xypolitos sustained head injuries after being attacked by members of the Golden Dawn

We saw them coming towards us. After saying we were witnesses of the case, they became enraged. When were taken to the Police Station, we asked to be driven back to court, to confirm our presence and testify, but then they decided to have us transferred to the hospital directly 

M. Xypolitos

On the first day of the trial of the Golden Dawn, five people were assaulted in public by members of the criminal organization. Mihalis Xypolitos and Nikos Mandas, key witnesses of the case of the brutal murder of the antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, along with three other individuals were targeted by members of the Golden Dawn outside the Courthouse of Korydallos Penitentiary. Mr. Xypolitos was asked to remain at the hospital where doctors would run more tests as his head injuries were considered worrying.

Despite the strong presence of the police in court, no effort was made to protect the victims. The five people were saved from the attackers thanks to the interference of workers from a nearby farmer’s market who approached the scene and called the police. When the police arrived the perpetrators of the violent assault had already fleed the scene.

The safety of the witnesses can now be identified as major issue and the effort to intimidate witnesses and prevent them from coming forward must be taken seriously by the authorities and the state.

The court has been adjourned and the next hearing is scheduled for May the 7th.

Source: Δολοφονική επίθεση σε βάρος μαρτύρων κατά της Χρυσής Αυγής

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