Waleed Taleb’s residence under attack

Waleed Taleb (phot. Marios Valassopoulos for Efsyn.gr)

Waleed Taleb, victim of a horrific physical torture by his former employer and three other men in Greece, was once again the target of an organized attack by two men who attempted to terrorize him in his own home. The attackers broke into the house through the front door, damaged his belongings and attempted theft. When they realised that Waleed, who shares the house with his brother Wal, was in the company of his brother and a close friend, they fled the scene. None of the witnesses can identify the intrudors as they did not see their faces. The vandals smashed the doors and the windows of the property and caused damages to furniture and appliances. The following day, Waleed’s brother reported the incident to the local police department which initiated an investigation following the standard procedure.

The men have been contstatly threatened and harrassed during the last two and a half years. According to organized anti-fascists from the city centre in Athens:

”The policies and practices cautiously followed by the media, the state and the constitution during the last few decades are aligned with the global dictates for the treatment of immigrants and refugees,  which neutralize fascism in society and allow fascists to take unprohibited action in an effort to establish a state of terrorism and coercion. The segment of society that remains tolerant towards the fascist scum must know that they are an accomplice in each murder case, each torture, each incident of harassment and every single assault that immigrant victims suffered”.

The court is scheduled to resume on May the 27th at 9:00 am for the trial of the case and activists in solidarity are asking people to show up for moral support. Waleed was subjected to an extreme physical and sexual assault by the defendants who are members of the fascist group Golden Dawn. During the first day of the hearing, a tearful Waleed expressed his loss of trust in people and his constant feeling of fear, showing the emotional ramifications of his trauma. I really hope that justice prevails.

SOLIDARITY with Waleed.

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