Neonazis open fire and are given police protection

Movement against racism and the fascist threat

The fact that Petros Perrakis, member of the Golden Dawn, fired gunshots in Patisia district constitutes tangible evidence proving the operations of the Golden Dawn battalions which are covered up by the police. Riot pοlice and nazi batallions collaborated once again in Aspropyrgos.

The nazi Golden Dawn is a criminal organization and continues to operate as such, even after the murders of Pavlos Fyssas and Suchsat Luckman and the murderous assaults against PAME syndicalists and Egyptian fishermen took place. The base of these terror operations are the political offices of the Golden Dawn which are now guarded by armed men. Has the police asssigned them with the task of protecting Greece’s regions again?

Will the government ever proceed to the disarmament of the battalions? How could they make things easy so for Golden Dawn by turning civil servants into armed guards of the criminal organization? What are they waiting for? Would another victim in our neighbourhoods suffice in order to give an end to their murderous presence? There is no space for neonazi murderers nor battalions in our communities.

During the Golden Dawn trial which will resume on June 22nd, they had the audacity to demand the suspension of the civil suit lawyers regarding the felony of forming a criminal organization while still continue to act like they are being ” politically persecuted”.

This is how figures higher up in hierarchy like Michaloliakos who clearly are behind the battalions will get away with it.

Now is the time for the trial to move on and the civil party to be recognised  and to convict Golden Dawn in its entirety for the murderous actions of the criminal organization.

A mass presence in the anti-fascist assemblage on the 22nd of June at 8pm outside Korydallos Prison is absolutely necessary.

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