Anarchists disrupt conservative rally in support of memorandum

Banner reads ”No agreement of subordination, No new memorandum, Working class backlash against domestic and national capital”

Anarchist Group Rouvikonas

Communist Group Grassroots Backlash


On Monday June 22nd we carried out a political inteference against the European Union at Syntagma Square, Athens. We intentionally chose that  day since a pro-Europe gathering was taking place under the campaign slogan ”We are staying in Europe” (MenoumeEvropi) on the same spot. This move entailed risk since we were surrounded by thousands of supporters of the E.U. without police forces keeping us separate, without a way to escape and without any means of self-protection apart from our banners and pamphlets.

This mobilization was not enacted because our comrades adhered to some kind of suicidal logic but because we wanted to send a powerful political message using equally powerful symbolism. We intended to join our limited forces with the camp of fighters against the E.U. institutions and their policies and avoid any correlation to a logic of democratic representation or support towards the Syriza-Independent Greeks coalition.

The government is trying to present an image of conflict against the European institutions but essentially proposes measures that maintain in full the same conservative policies of memoranduma of previous governments. Ofcourse we had no other expectations from a social-democratic political party whose central political line and individual policies are within the E.U. and its institutions.

When it comes to the protesters of  ”Menoume Evropi” (We are staying in Europe) the conclusions are reasonable: their vast majority comes from upper social strata which means that they won’t be affected in any case (and they haven’t been affected so far) from the tax policies and the salary and pension cuts which will be enforced all over again by the Syriza- Independent Greeks coalition in conjunction with the E.U.

The ”We are staying in Europe” rally was supported at great length by pro-memoranda parties and their bases: businesses, banks,  media and intellectuals in charge of producing the narrative of truth and the ideology of the upper class, a bourgeois class which serves the E.U. because the E.U. serves in return their interests.

A few words for the disruption:

Approximately 50 comrades unfolded a banner and set alight flags of the European Union in front of the unknown solider Monument. We chose to act when the rally was packed with supporters at a spot where our mobilization would be noticed by the neoliberal filth. We were almost immediately attacked by the people gathered, which we pushed back quite easily. Later on, we were attacked by riot police. At the time of our departure we were kettled on Panepistimiou street by Delta Squad. It was a risk we accepted and a development we foresaw.

We cannot tolerate the sect of bourgeoisie appropriating the streets, a place of struggle for grassroots and workers movements.


Video footage of the disruption as it happened (by @kinimatini and Tar)

Translation by BlackCat for OmniaTV

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