Violent arrest of #OXI protester on Friday in Athens (video)

It was just last week when protesters filled the streets of The Hage asking for justice for the violent murder of Mitch Herniquez by 5 Dutch policemen, when members of Delta Squad in Athens appeared to be acting in the same abusive way and using the same methods of restraint that cost Henriquez his life.. A young demonstrator in favour of ”NO” was punched on the head, put on chokehold and dragged along the street while his head hit the ground after being dropped at diffferent times. The following video depicts the incident in detail.


According to Vnousis who filmed the incident:

”This happened during a grandiose ”OXI” rally. The Delta Squad chased protesters down on Othonos street on their motorcycles for unknown reasons. The footage shows the brutal process of arrest in its entirety. The man was forced on the ground and punched on the head. The police officers got the man in a headlock while he was trying to hold onto a tree branch.

He was being dragged like a lifeless object in a semi-concious state. When they couldn’t drag him anymore, four officers lifted his arms and legs and carried him. As you can see the young man was dropped and hit the aground hard many times.

After being removed from the square they tied his hands and left him there. Eventually they placed him inside a police car but he should have been put in an ambulance and carried straight to the hospital.
(Philellinon June 3d, 2015)

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