Disruption at Metropolitan Hospital HQ following lay-offs of employees supporting NO in referendum (video)

Members of the anarchist group Rouvikonas visisted the headquarters of Metropolitan Hospital looking for senior officials who are held responsible for the lay-offs of workers who openly expressed their opposition against futher austerity measures. During a climate of financial terrorism waged against workers before the referendum, many employers deployed the tactic of lay-offs as a means to influence the outcome of the referendum in favour of YES.  As the security guards refused to contact any officials and the tension seemed to escalate when a guard insisted to be given the name of one of the members, they left. Nevertheless they did make a very strong point against the arbitrary actions of employers who did everything in their power to influence the voting decision of their workers. Although ”NO” made no distinctive difference as the government plans to enforce more austerity, those laid-off under these circumstances are now unemployed and have no income. 

The following were announced by the group:

Right before the referendum the management of the Metropolitan Hospital demanded from employees to participate in the gathering organized by the campaign in favour of YES (pro-austerity). Later, an accountant and another employee were fired because they were supporters of the campaign promoting NO (against austerity).

The management of the hospital ordered employees to search the social media profiles of the rest of the workers, while their salaries were not paid in full with the excuse that the remaining amount will be deposited after the referendum takes place and only if the results are in favour of YES.

Workers have been increasingly blackmailed in a wide range of services, organizations  and businesses. We will not remain passive bystanders amidst the threats and the blackmails of bosses.

A group of comrades of the Anarchist group Rouvikonas entered the Headquarters of Metropolitan Hospital in Falero area, looking for Vassilis Theocharakis, president of the board of directors and Demetris Spyrides, managing director, the two people responsible for the threats and the blackmails.


The following footage was taken during the disruption (by Kinimatini and Tar)


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