The Union of Photographers condemns the arbitrary arrests of photographers in Athens

Photograph taken on July 10th by Makis Sinodinos, one of the photographers arrested today

Today the police arrested John Kemmos and Makis Synodinos, two photographers who, despite having informed the officers of their capacity as photographers and showed their professional ID cards, were still detained without being told of the reasons behind the arrests. The union of photographers published the following condemning announcement regarding the arbitrary arrests of their colleagues.

The Union of Photographers in Greece denounces the arbitrary arrests of photographers and journalists that took place today in the city centre of Athens. The detentions happened in different locations, without a legal reason and despite journalists having shown their respective identification cards.

Do the police consider that the presence of a troika delegation in Athens entail the erosion of the institutions of the country? Or does it take advantage of the current affairs in order to continue the old-fashioned tactics of intimidation against press representatives?

The Union of Photographers overwhelmingly condemns every effort to supress freedom of press and states that its members are not going to stop exercising their constitutional right to inform the public.

President: Marios Lolos
Secretary General: Christina Zachopoulou

Translation: BlackCat

Source: mpalothia

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