Riot police attacked refugees in Kos (video)

Refugees were locked in the stadium for over 24 hours (Alkis Konstantinides/Reuters)


More than 1000 refugees from Syria and Afganistan were trapped inside a stadium in Kos after the decision of the leftist-fascist government to restrict them there.

In the offices inside the stadium committees began the process of registration of the refugees which is required for the provision of legal documents allowing them to leave the island and continue their journey towards central European countries.

Hundreds of people waited in a queue under the close supervision of riot police, many people collapsed because of the heat and many reacted and attempted to enter the office where their documents were being prepared.

The riot police’s response was to use pepper spray and violence against the exhausted adults and children. Furthemore, the food and water supplies distributed to the refugees during the last few days did not suffice. 



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