In the detention cells of Kos’ Police Station

Some 43 people are being held in 3 detention cells of the Police Station in the island of Kos, Greece, under administrative detention. Among them an 8-years-old child.

The detainees are Kurds from Turkey and Syria, Iranians, Iraqis and Pakistanis. Each cell is shared by 14 and 18 adults, and 11 minors, respectively.

Greek police does not recognize the right to apply for asylum in Greece to people from Turkey, as they said to a young Kurd from Turkish Kurdistan. Another Kurd from Rojava, Syria was arrested, beaten by the policemen and detained because he shouted to the policemen to to manhandle a Syrian woman – when, during a short protest, they dragged her off the street so harshly that they caused her an hematoma.

Most of the minors appear to be from Pakistan and they are considered ‘unaccompanied’. In any case, the 8-years-old child is accompanied by his parent, also in detention. It is unclear the pretext under which they are both being held.

The conditions in the detention cells are – at least – apalling.


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