September 2nd: National day of direct action for the release of anarchist detainee Evie Statiri

”Against the penalization of family relationships. Freedom to Evie Statiri” was the slogan written on a banner in Larissa (source)

Solidaritarians had called for a national day of direct action and counter-information demanding the release of Evie Statiri from detention. Collectivities and organizations in Greece have distributed pamphlets, placed banners in central locations and declared their solidarity in published announcements, while prisoners proceeded to direct action of dissent and wrote letters of support.

Evie was arrested on the 2nd of March on the grounds of harbouring a fugitive, which is a misdemeanour under Greek law and cannot justify pre-trial detention. She was later charged with participation in the anarchist organization Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, despite the lack of evidence that were needed to substantiate the charges. Many in solidarity consider her prolonged detention an effort made by the state to penalize solidarity and vitiate the supporting personal relationships among prisoners and their loved ones, aiming at alienating prisoners and isolating their struggle from active social movements.

Evie Statiri is the wife of anarchist prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos, who is a member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei. Gerasimos’ mother, Athena Tsakalou, was initially arrested but was released after a hunger strike was staged earlier this year demanding an end to detentions and targeting of prisoners’ family members. During the course of the hunger strike many prisoners were hospitalized and others confined in isolation were deprived of basic medical care. The demand for a legislative change that would protect families and loved ones from police harassment and arbitrary detentions was satisfied, but the law was never enforced. Athena Tsakalou is currently ordered not to leave her residence on Salamina island and is prevented from seeking medical care in Athens for the health issues that are troubling her. She is also not allowed to visit her two sons in prison.

Today the judicial council will examine the application for release filed by Evie Statiri, who has been detained in Korydallos Prison for the past 6 months.Evie has stated her intention to start a hunger-strike in case her application is not approved by the council. In a recent letter she wrote the following: I am very well aware that the times are strange, that a hunger strike amidst a pre-election period make the conditions of the struggle and  the mobilizations in solidarity very difficult. But despite these objective obstacles we must not allow the state to impose fascism and to silence every voice of resistance. It is obvious that the authority wants to finish with this case which won’t last a moment under the light of truth. A case with trumped-up charges and fabricated ”guiltiness”.

Actions and excerpts from letters and announcements in solidarity are outlined below.

The suspension of Evie’s detention has a bifold significance for the establishment. On one hand it tests the enduranece of guerillas and the tolerance of solidaritarians. It legitimates the wider tactic of penalization of kinship and family ties. It is the psychological manipulation of the powerful which, among others, intrudes into consciousness like a battering ram. It targets the mind of the families in order to get them exhausted, defeated, disappointed and eventually turn them against us, corrupting the relationship of trust we have with them, since they end up living with the consequences of our own choices.  And if during the course of every personal history some comrades stayed and others have left, this is because it is so easy to stand by people in times of success, but it’s very difficult to do so when times get tough. But in this game authority has not won. Whatever bet they have placed on emotional bonds fading and reversing, is already lost. Now, 6 months later, our loved ones continue to smile in trust and patience and have maintained their dignity despite being imprisoned or under house arrest.
Olga Economidou, member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei (excerpt from a letter)


Public announcement of the Initiative Against Prisons

On the 3d of September at the Court of Appeals the judicial council will convence to decide whether Evie Statiri will remain in remand.
The president of the council Chalevidou is the same person who decided the release of the neo-nazi MP Elias Kassidiaris a while ago. Now it will become obvious whether justice is ”blind” and ”impartial” or whether it selectively ignores scandals involving ministers, arbitrary behaviour of cops and decarceration of neo-nazis and expresses its vengefulness in full against political prisoners and their families.
It has become known that the case of Evie Statiri has been fabricated with trumped up charges at the office of the investigator E.Nikolopoulos. Nikolopoulos is known for his far-right practices and was promoted to Special Investigator of Appeals in a shadowy way, after the intervention of the President of the Supreme Court who happens to be his uncle and  the involvement of his personal mentor, Ch. Athanasiou, former minister of justice. The scandalous promotion of Nikolopoulos was the source of unrest even among the cricles of judges, since it was obvious that it was an example of  political expedience. Essentially, in the case of Evie Statiri the investigator E. Nikolopoulos has agreed on contracts of persecution and detention enacted by Ch. Athanasiou who wanted to get back on political prisoners for the upcoming abolition of Type C (supermaximum) facilities which were his personal-political achievement. Naturally the first leftist government was aware of all these stratagems and just stood there quietly as an accomplice and then promised lies (amendment of Paraskevopoulos) to stop the prosecutions of family members in order to disorientate and to sabotage the ongoing hunger strike.
For the past 6 months, Evie Statiri has been detained based on her relationship to her political prisoner husband Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei.

Initiative of political prisoners detained in the special underground cell unit in Korydallos (published yesterday on Athens Indymedia)

In the context of a national day of direct action and solidarity with Evie Statiri we announce our intention to refuse the evening lockdown in our cells for one hour after the scheduled time. This is a minimum sign of solidarity we can express for Evie who has been remanded here for six months and has been targeted by the vengufulness of the authority against political prisoners, since she is the wife of the incarcerated political prisoner G. Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei.


Women prisoners in Korydallos Prison direct action of solidarity

Six months ago, the exhausting hungerstrike staged by tens of political prisoners had forced the newly-formed leftist government to take responsibility regarding the problems faced in Greece’s prisons. The dynamic mobilization managed to rush through a new bill which was voted in order to restore calm.
The leftist facade of the supposed ”good intentions” revealed once again that authority is deceptive and does not keep its promises. The amendment of former Minister of Justice, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, regarding the detention of prisoners’ family members has not been applied and while our fellow inmate Evie Statiri should have been the first to benefit from this amendment, she remains incarcerated among us, despite the absence of any incriminating evidence against her.
Her ”crime” is her emotional bond with G. Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei.
In case Syriza and every other ruling party think they can deveive us by abdicating their responsibilities and delegating these responsibilities to investigators, district attorneys or councils, we want to let them know that the women prisoners in Greece have felt the arbitrariness of the judicial and investigative authorities on our own bodies.
In the context of the national day of solidarity with Evie Statiri we decided to remain outside our cells during evening lockdown for two hours.
Our voices will forever sound through these walls that keep us separate us from the outside world.


Komotini city, northeastern Greece

”Stop the prosecution of friends and families of anarchist prisoners” and ”Free Evie Statiri” was written in pamphlets distributed in Komotini at 11:00am yesterday by supporters and activists in solidarity with Evie Statiri.

On a different occasion, members of Utopia A.D. disrupted the Courthouse in Komotini and the local Bar Association to distribute pamphlets containing information on the case. Pamplets were also distributed in the city centre.


The banner reads: ”When the fighters don’t break the state targets their families. Free Evie Statiri”


Members of Utopia A.D. scattered pamphlets in the streets of Komotini


Agrinio, Greece

Solidaritarians in Agrinio unfurled banner at Demades Square and distributed pamphlets in the city centre. The banner calls for the immediate release of Evie Statiri and states the determination of activists to fight against the vengefulness of the state. The slogans on the pamphlets demand an end to the house arrest of Athena Tsakalou.





Solidarity Assembly for Incarcerated Insurgents in Herakleion Crete (excerpt from announcement)

We recognize the struggle of Evie as a continuation of the hunger strike staged last March and we declare our solidarity beforehand in case of a negative ruling regarding her release. We clearly perceive the schemes and the repressive methods of power (despite its left or right wing facade) that aim to divide the insurgent movement and to target people and relationships in an effort to isolate guerillas and to divide the segment of society that remains active in social struggles based on how ”legal” is the resistance of collectivities or individuals.


Autonomous: Solitarity with Evie Statiri

Autonomous have created the poster below calling for a rally at the Court of Appeals today. The autonomous stressed the vengefulness of the state, the lack of incriminating evidence against Evie and denounced the penalization of human relationships. 




Thesaloniki: pamphlets, banners and sabotage

Some of the banners that were unfurled in Thessaloniki by the ”Anarchist Assembly for the Connection of Struggles in and out of prisons” are depicted below.


Banner reads: ”Stop the prosecutions of the families of C.N.F.. Free Evie Statiri. Withdraw the restrictions imposed on Athena Tsakalou”


Banner reads: Free Evie Statiri who is being prosecuted due to her personal relationship with member of the C.F.N. Solidarity is our weapon.

Posters were also placed in regions of Eastern Thesaloniki, where solidaritarians from the collectivity ”Anarchists from the East” also distributed pamphlets.


Banner reads: ”Repression will not defeat the need to destroy opression”

An announcement was also posted on AthensIndymedia for sabotage.

Responding to the calling of our comrades for a day of direct action on account of the trial of Evie Statiri, we sabotaged an ATM machine as well as the padlock of the supermarket next door. Pamphlets were distributed in the Forty Churches region in Thessaloniki, as a minimum sign of solidarity with her struggle.


Slogans in support appeared in Ayioi Anargyroi area in Greece


Slogan reads ”Immediate release of Evie Statiri”


Slogan reads ”Fire to every prison, Free Evie Statiri”


Anarchist Assembly in Larissa

In the context of a national day of direct action, solidarity banners were dropped in the city centre regarding the vengeful detention of Evie Statiri. The penalization of family and personal relationships is an effort made the state in order to add another tool in the legal instruments of a regime of derogation. We will not allow this on our part.

We will struggle until the complete demolition of every prison and every society that constitutes a prison.
Against the penalization of comraderie and personal relationships, solidarity is our weapon. 


Rethymno: Solidarity is our weapon


A banner was dropped at Mikrasiates Square featuring the slogan: ”Cops, judges, journalists, politicians, your time will come. Free Evie Statiri”


Volos, Greece: banner and letter of support

In the early morning hours of the 2nd of September we unfurled two banners on the streets of Volos, in an effort to send a sign of solidarity and complicity to the captive Evie Statiri and the upcoming struggle for her freedom in case her 6 month detention is renewed.

Evie Statiri is in captivity for 6 months now, accused of membership in the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei with her relationship to G. Tsakalos used as incriminating evidence. This can cause an emotional pain to the strength of the members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, which has not been defeated with the revelation of their plan to escape and the arrest of the anarchist Angeliki Spyropoulou. The vengeful menace of the judicial mechanisms and especially the special investigator of appeals E. Nikolopoulos who consistently rejects her applications for release despite the relevant decree that was passed after the recent hunger strike of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, will not stop there. G. Tsakalos and C. Tsakalos’ mother who was arrested with Evie is under a regime of exile in Salamina facing restrictions that don’t allow her to leave the island.

Strenght to the Evie Statiri, Athena Tsakalou, Angeliki Spyropoulou and the comrades of the prison nucleus.

Zero tolerance to the organized crime of the justice system and any type of authority

Until the complete destruction of every prison

Until the total liberation


Banner reads: Zero tolerance to the captivity of the family members of the C.F.N. Attack against the Justice Authority. All for anarchy”


The political offices of Syriza redecorated by anarchist solidaritarians

The Solidarity Assembly for Evie Statiri paid a visit to Syriza’s political officers in Ampelokipi and Gyzi area leaving slogans, posters, paphlets and paint. (I quite like the new look myself)


Posters placed all over and the slogan ”Free Evie Statiri was sprayed on the wall”


”Free Evie”


Paphlets scattered in front of the entrance and slogan sprayed on pavement reads ”Free Evie”

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