Prisoners are threatened by the authorities after placing a banner in solidarity with hungerstriker Evie Statiri

Banner reads:”Against fear and injustice. Free Evie Statiri, hungerstriker since September 14th”

Yesterday, prisoners housed in ward A of Korydallos Prison placed a banner in solidarity with anarchist hungerstriker Evie Statiri who remains unlawfully in remand. Today, prison officials are threatening prisoners to take the banner down or else the police would invade the ward to remove it while political prisoners would be forcefully relocated to another facility. 

The following announcement was published yesterday:

On September 14th 2015 our fellow prisoner Evie Statiri began a very difficult and perilous struggle for freedom. She began a hunger strike demanding something that should have never been taken away from her.

For six months now, she remains remanded for the crime of having chosen Gerasimos, member of Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei and fellow prisoner as her life partner.

For six months now the fascist group of scum representing Justice are punishing her for not regretting this personal choice, for not denouncing her partner and for not bowing her head in order to receive a favourable treatment .

For the past six months she remains captive without any incriminating evidence against her, not even fabricated, in order for the political bosses of the judges to avenge the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei for attempting to escape.

For the past six months she is hostage in a fascist psychological warfare waged against members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei by the authorities but essentially orchetrated by Eftychis Nikolopoulos.

For the past six months the state apparatus is commiting a crime by breaking its own decrees (law brought forth by former minister of justice Paraskevopoulos) which was passed in order to stop the hungerstrike carried out by members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei and to allow release of their relatives.

For the past six months we have witnessed the brutality, the inhumanity, the hypocrisy and the fascism of a system which instead of defending human rights it essentially abuses them and tries to crash them by keeping Evie captive and ostracizing Athena Tsakalos, our fellow prisoners’ mother, in Salamina, forbidded from visiting her own sons in prison and deprived of medical exams.

At the same time the scum of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn are being released one by one and are not even facing restrictions upon release (Both neonazi Elias Kassidiaris and Evie Statiri are facing the same charges but he was decarcerated after 12 months in jail by the same judicial council presided by Henrietta Chalevidou, that decided to reject the release of Evie Statiri) and at the same time tens of politicians in power remain immune despite their involvement in numerous cases of corruption, while the state defines irregularly and illegally family relations as a ”criminal offence” and any support provided to political prisoners by their families is considered an act of terror.

Today we raise our voices as a sign of solidarity to Evi Statiri who commenced a hungerstrike demanding her release and wish her wholeheartedly to have strength in this difficult struggle..

We warn the Ministry of Justice that as the days go by and the danger faced by Evi increases, our anger for the injustice she endures will become greater.

The announcement published today:

Yesterday on the 15th of September prisoners in Ward A published a letter and placed a banner in solidarity with Evie Statiri who has started a hungerstrike since the 14th of September.

Today, Victoria Marsioni attorney of Korydallos prison has casted threats involving disciplinary notes and reports against prisoners in ward A because of yesterday’s rally. Furthermore the prison management along with the prison attorney are threatening that the police would enter the ward to remove the banner in case it is not taken down by prisoners and insinuated that members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei housed in A ward will be kidnapped/transferred to another facility.

It is expected that representatives of authority such as Victoria Marsioni would become worried and outraged since prison has failed to destroy solidarity among prisoners and the latter dare to express solidarity actively and denounce injustice, arbitrariness and fascism that reign in the justice department. But, now they attempt to penalize and punish solidarity among prisoners using terrorism, fascist methods and threats.
We won’t leave it like this.
We remain in solidarity in every possible way with the fair struggle of hungerstriker Evi Statiri and we declare that the banner will remain there for as long as the hungerstrike continues and we are going to escalate our protest in the future. We will inform you in case of new developments.

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