Nicos Romanos: In solidarity with Evie Statiri and the occupied T.I.A.

Nicos Romanos

A few days ago anarchist comrades proceeded to the occupation of the Technological Institute of Athens in order to create a centre of struggle that aims to become a base of subversive intentions.

The political framework created by the comrades who proceeded to the sit-in was in reference to my case as well as the case of Evie Statiri who began a hunger strike on Monday demanding her release and also in reference to the current political circumstances, the anniversary of the murder of the anti-fascist Pavlos Fyssas by the Golden Dawn and the electoral circus in September.

Today the official Minister of Education Efrosini Kiaou has released an announcement asking for the occupation to be terminated while she has the nerve to express her personal opinion regarding my will which she says is not represented through this occupation.

In order to finish with this lets clarify that my will is expressed in the most beautiful way through the comrades that occupied the Technological Institute and through all those planning the journeys of liberation on the map of anarchist rebellion.

Journeys during which government buildings and universities are occupied, cops and fascists are smashed in the middle of the street, politicians and judges are looking to escape from their burning homes. Journeys where the wild beauty of anarchy clashes with the lawful order of the civilized world.

If Efrosyni Kiaou wants to blame this situation on someone she must look at her predecessors because there are certain people with political and judicial power along with a group of Syriza clowns who have been continuously deceiving political prisoners for the past seven months.

The former Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos who voted a worthless amendment to stop the penalization of the families of members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei was not taken into consideration by judges and he has ostentatiously ignored this fact.

Paraskevopoulos deliberately failed to issue the ministerial decree regarding my case and when he did so eventually, it was a decree far worse than the law created by the previous minister C. Athanasiou, according to which the investigator’s consultation was abolished.

The judicial councils along with E. Nicolopoulos have rejected all the applications filed by Evie Statiri regarding her release. The latter has also rejected all my applications for educational furloughs.

In contrast to the positions of authority which all these scum termporarily serve during their careers, the responsibilities of their choices won’t fade with their retirement as they are etched in the memory of those who have never forgotten the meaning of solidarity, rebellion and attack.

If the Minister of Education along with government officials want to enforce a repressive operation against the occupied Technological Institute of Athens let them take responsibility of their choices and bear the political price just like Panousis.

Using me in order to prepare a possible repressive operation is an obvious example of cowardice politics.

These few words were needed to restore the truth.

For the anarchist backlash against the world of authority!

Solidarity with the squatters of the Technological Institute of Athens!


source: AthensIndy


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