The occupied Technological Institute of Athens faces repression in its struggle for political prisoners

Nicos Romanos is a political prisoner that went on a 31-day hungerstrike demanding educational furloughs since participation is mandatory in his course and failing to attend classes could cause his deregistration from the University. According to a law that passed during his hungerstrike last year, incarcerated university students would be entitled to furloughs only if they successfully pass 1/3 of the taught modules. Despite having achieved that, especially after the effects of a prolonged hungerstrike, the judicial council has yet to approve his applications to furloughs, showing that his treatment by the justice system is predominantly defined by the motives of the country’s elite aiming at the brutal repression of political prisoners, even if that means breaking a law voted by the legislature.. The same council has permitted the decarceration of neo-nazi criminals of the Golden Dawn responsible for murders and assaults against immigrants, anti-fascist activists and the disabled. Evie Statiri, wife of the political prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos, is also a victim of the arbitrary actions of the judicial council leaning towards a preferable treatment of far-right criminals. The purpose of the occupation of the Technological Institute of Athens is to provide support to the struggle of political prisoners, raise awareness on the cases of Nicos Romanos and Evie Statiri as well as the plight of refugees that have become the latest victims of state policies, repression and inaction in Greece. The following is an excerpt from the announcement released by he occupiers on the first day of the occupation.

Occupied Techological Institute of Athens

The purpose of this occupation, as a continuation and integral part of the struggles of political prisoners, is to bring the issue faced by Nicos Romanos in the spotlight and to raise awareness of the struggle of Evie Statiri through an interruption of the normal operation of the Technological Institute. This mobilization will expand its goals though an inclusive political framework encompassing the anti-fascist struggle in reference to the anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and the murders, the incarceration and pogrom against refugees and immigrants. The Greek state in cooperation with the multinational mechanism of the E.U. exploits, captivates and murders them en masse at the borders and within the member states.
Lifting the restrictions on the conditional release of Kassidiaris, member of the Golden Dawn,  which was decided by the same judicial council that refused to grant Evie’s release, exposes the fascist nature of the state apparatus. An apparatus that for years now has provided the nazi organization with the space and resounces to act unpreventably in cooperation with the police and commit assaults and murders against immigrants and militant activists such as Sahzat Luckman and Pavlos Fyssas.
A great part of society and even militant social movements set their hopes on the electral success of Syriza in January 2015 to mitigate the above mentioned practices. But the trade of hope has gone bankrupt. As it was expected nothing has changed. The state and capitalist attack has taken its most obvious form with the passing of the third memorandum containing the most harsh measures so far. Twice in the same year elections are announced and the constitutents are called to choose among their exploiters, to consent their annihilation and legitimate the enforcement of the third memorandum.
As anarchists we continue our autonomous struggle for total rupture against the state, the capital and every form of authority.

The latest announcement of the occupiers regarding repressive tactics deployed by the police follows below.

During the last few days the state has started to escalate the effort of repression by placing security groups around the occupied Technological University of Athens. An example was the attempt to arrest a comrade leaving the building which was prevented by the safeguarding group. While the security had left within in a few seconds, members of the DIAS squad appeared. The tactics of repression have gone beyond any institutional form, since strangers put bins on fire on the side streets around the occupation. Obviously these do not surprise nor terrify us.
We call for supporters for the struggle to continue.
-Educational furloughs to Nicos Romanos to be granted immediately
-Immediate release of Evie Statiri
-Lift the restrictions of the conditional release  of Athena Tsakalou
-Smash fascism in every form
-Sabotage against any institutional electoral process


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