Victoria Square Assembly: Solidarity with migrants is a struggle that concerns all of us

Sheets of paper containing a message of support and solidarity were given to migrants by solidaritarians


Victoria Square Assembly

For self-organization and solidarity

On Tuesday afternoon, another intervention took place at Victoria square in Athens, organized by a plethora of collectivities and comrades from the wider region. During our presence at the Square texts were distributed, a banner in greek and farsi was unfurled and 180 portions of foood were distributed to tens of migrants who happened to be there. Simultaneously many people in the neirhbourhood and other regions, brought-once more- food and other basic products to the emigrants and their children. Due to the harsh weather conditions of the last few days, hundreds of new migrants have come to the square. These specific interventions, the creation and solidification of solidarity and support networks will continue throughout the week and in the future despite the circmustances, the weather and some racist idiots.

Approximately at 10:30 pm (after the intervention had finished) a racist rabble composed of 15 people made its appearance at the square. Under the guise of indignation, the men and women in suits along with 2 beefy ones who were declaring their connection with the city hall, verbally abused 7-8 people who had come to the square to distribute food  to the migrants. The immediate gathering of comrades made them resort to the tender embrace of the police where they asked for protection and filed complaints.



Source: AthensIndy


The text in support of migrants is the following


Migrant men and women,
you have walked a road full of difficulties in order to get here looking for a better future. We are aware that the wars in your countries were caused by the E.U. nations (including Greece). But right here another undeclared war has been going on. The state along with the media which are controlled by the big bosses are covering up the murders of migrants who are trying to cross the borders (by land or sea). At the same time they have built concentration camps to segrate the ”unwanted-dangerous immigrants”, as they call you.
A great mafia network (which the police cooperates with) is becoming rich by your need for travel documents and tickets, by over-charging you for transportation. A part of society sees you as the problem and is asking the government to drive you away, while others are waiting for your arrival since they recognize you as cheap labour. And all these are happening in a place where a great part of the society has been looted and impoverished for the sake of capital development. But against this system which holds our lives under its heel, the only way of resistance is through struggle and solidarity among the opressed. We join our voices and our strength against racism and fascism. We resist against every authority: economic, political, religious, gender-specific. We resist for the equality and freedom of people. Through neigbhourhood assemblies we are making an effort to construct a collective future without masters and slaves. That is why solidarity with migrants is a struggle that concerns all of us.

Translation: BlackCat


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