Toddler sustained severe injuries following a race motivated attack in Greece

The child was in the arms of his grandmother when the attack occured


The 2-year old boy sustained severe facial and ocular burns after a relative of his father’s former employer threw a pot of boiling coffee at him.

On Saturday, 19th of September, the 60-year old mother of a Bulgarian worker who is now living in Germany paid a visit to his former employer in order to collect her son’s wages. The Greek man who exploited the worker but never paid him in full owed him 120 euro since 2013. According to the woman’s lawyer, she was systematically instructed  to ”come again next saturday” in order to collect the money but the employer kept postponing the payments throughout the entire summer.

Last Saturday, the woman, who is raising her son’s young boy in Greece, went to see the employer who was absent at the time and was confronted by his father. The man seemed annoyed by her presence there and during the conversation that followed he became abusive and threw a pot of boiling coffee at her direction. But the woman was holding her 2 year-old grandchild in her arms who suffered severe facial injuries and ocular trauma. After the violent act the perpetator continued to shout racial slurs against the woman and her country of origin and showed completely disregard for the child that was screaming in pain.

Local doctors who examined the child instructed his hospitalization in Karamandanio Children’s Hospital in Patras since the severe burn injuries could have caused blidness in the child’s injured eye.

The woman filed a law suit yesterday and the forensics report is expected to be completed soon.

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