Emergency hospitalization of hungerstriker Evi Statiri in Nikaia Hospital

”Your justice stinks of fascism” was written by inmates in Wing A of Korydallos Prison in solidarity with hungerstriker Evi Statiri (image from within prison)

The medical examination of the hungerstriker Evi Statiri concludes that her health has deteriorated due to the effects of the hungerstrike on her body. During the hungerstrike Evie has suffered two serious hypoglycaemic episodes. The second episode happened last night and her transfer to the prison hospital was required in order to get treatment. The lengthy medical diagnosis includes (among others): postural hypertension, tachycardia, palpitations when trying to stand-up, fatigue, intolerance to cold and frequent chills.

The doctors wrote:
”Mrs Statiri is on the 14th day of a hungerstrike and has so far lost 11% of her initial body weight. From now on the continuation of the hungerstrike entails serious dangers to her physical integrity. Thus, and judging by the overall clinical and laboratory tests, we consider her immediate transfer to a state hospital mandatory, to ensure she receives further treatment and care.”
Dr. Olga Kosmopoulou
Dr. Spyridon Sakkas
Korydallos prison 27/09/2015

According to information posted οn twitter Evi was taken to B’ General Medicine Clinic of Nikaia hospital a few hous ago.

Source Επειγόντως στο νοσοκομειο Νίκαιας η Εύη Στατήρη


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