Evi Statiri’s letter from hospital

In the early hours of Sunday, 2am, I had to be transfered to St. Paul prison hospital because of a hypoglycaemic shock.  The doctors there diagnosed that my transfer to a non-prison hospital was an emergency.

I returned to prison on Sunday morning after the visit of Dr.Kosmopoulou and Dr. Sakkas and the doctors composed an emergency referral for my hospitalization.

I was admitted to Nikaia General Hospital at noon.

During my admission I refused to be given any other IV teatment apart from the one containing a mixture of water and salt because of the pronounced hypotension that I exhibited, which the doctors found worrying. Today, on Monday 28th of Semptember, I removed that IV.

While thousands of people are on their way to work, thousands are struggling to find a way out of this financial tyranny, thousands of students are heading out to schools and universities and life goes on as usual, I continue my hungerstrike against the velvet fascim of democracy that imprisons people just because they are family members of political prisoners and because they resist against fear, oppression and exploitation.

Twenty days ago, my application for release was submitted to a judicial council that is judging the cost of human life against the fabricated charges that serve the plans and interests of the authority.

The hourglass of time is already running out…

A system that forces people to risk their lives through a hungerstrike and pawn their lives for freedom, is doomed to collapse.

The struggle continues.
Evi Statiri 15th day of hungerstrike
Nikaia General Hospital – prisoners’ ward

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