G.Tsakalos: in solidarity with Evi Statiri’s struggle

For the past seven months my partner Evi Statiri has been imprisoned in the cells of democracy. Her only ”crime” is her personal relationship with me. At the same time, my mother, Athena Tsakalou is ostracized on Salamina island by a decision made by the judicial junta.

For the past seven months the authority has been experimenting in  order to expand the cycle of repression against friends and families of political prisoners. Their aim is to spread and instill fear in people expressing solidarity and impose a peculiar regime of quarantine against captive urban guerillas. Through the penalization of family and friendly relations, the authority pursues to sever every bond of solidarity permeating through prison walls and fuelling our stuggle for freedom. At this moment the police-judicial apparatus of power is testing how much our people, who are not used to bowing their head, can tolerate and is appraising their reactions. Every step of our retreat becomes gained territory of the totalitarianism of the state beast.

Fear has the tendency to spread. Whatever is done today against political prisoners, if not killed at its birth, it will only evolve like plague and affect everyone who wants to live in rebellion without following orders and have administrators run their lives. I want to say a lot, but in times like this actions speak louder than words. Since September 14th, Evi has started a hungerstrike to fight for her freedom. Since September 14th I have been there for her just like she has in recent years, by starting my own hungerstrike, despite the strong disagreement of doctors due to the small time interval since the end of my previous hungerstrike. My only demand is Evi’s freedom. My hungerstrike is the only weapon I have as a prisoner in order to stand in solidarity with Evi. It is part of the manifold expression of solidarity that is starting to appear all over the country from anarchists and militants. That is why there is no need to disorientate the purpose of this struggle, which is Evi’s release, with references to my hungerstrike or myself. As I have previously mentioned, my hungerstrike is my own contribution to the active solidarity which, through anarchy, derails the story that is being written by laws, judges, cops and the authority we have never recognized as our own.

Let the struggle for the freedom of Evi and the end to the prosecutions against families and friends of political prisoners become the detonator for restarting the anarchist attack, for reclaiming the streets, for setting barricades alight, for intensifying the desires, for urban guerilla operations, for the bet of complete liberation…

”If we no longer die for each other, then we are already dead”
Long live anarchy
Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei


translation: blackcat

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