Prisoners’ expressions of solidarity with the struggle of hungerstriker Evi Statiri

”Your justice stinks of fascism” Slogan written in the men’s section in Korydallos prison

Korydallos Prison, men’s section, 28th of September

Announcement in support of Evi Statiri excerpt
”Judges, prosecutors, investigators and political representatives of Justice you must know that we are running out of patience…
The indignation against the imposition of fear and injustice in the name of a concept you defiled in order to serve your own intersts and take out your supressed issues using fascist methods and physical or psychological torture, has pushed us over the edge.
From today, 28th of September we ‘re continuing the escalation of our mobilizations in solidarity with Evi Statiri and plan to stay out of our cells for an extra hour during the evening lock down (21:00-22:00), which is something that we ‘ll continue as long as Evi’s hungerstrike lasts.
After the hospitalization of Evi time is running out and as long as the problem of her release is not solved and her demand is not met, any scenario is possible during the escalation of mobilizations.
We call on all prisoners in every prison of this country and the entire solidarity movement which has been present in every fair struggle of prisoners to express their support and solidarity in every possible way towards the fair struggle of Evi Statiri for  freedom.”

Korydallos Prison, men’s section, 25th of September
Excerpt from letter of support written by prisoners confined in Korydalllos:

We said that solidarity among prisoners fighting the arbitrariness and barbarity of justice won’t face any impendiments in its expression and won’t be intimidated by prosecutors, like Victoria Marsioni, who made threats against us last week for unfurling a banner in solidarity with Evi Statiri. We said that we will escalate our mobilizations as long as we witness fear and injustice being imposed on the loved-ones of our fellow prisoners. We won’t stop there. We will continue to support Evi in any way we can as prisoners.

Prisoners chanted and wrote slogans inside the prison. The following footage comes from within Korydallos prison.




Korydallos Women’s Prison

Letter written by female prisoners

”Since the 14th of September our fellow prisoner Evi Statiri has began a hungerstrike by using her body as collateral. She has been fighting for freedom for 14 days now.
Since the first moment she began her struggle we stood by her because hers is a struggle against injustice, against judicial arbitrariness, against the vengeful methods of the state, against fear.
She has remained a prisoner for the last 6 months despite the lack of incriminating evidence and the amendment brought forth by Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos which was to stop the detention of prisoners’ family members.
But it was proven that law reforms are not capable to prevent prosecutors and councils in their ivory towers of arrogance and cold condescension, from deciding for a person’s freedom.
Today, on September 27th, Evi was admitted in Nikaia General hospital following the deterioration of her health.
We consider the Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos responsible for whatever happens to her.
As a minimum gesture of solidarity we remain out of our cells for one hour after the evening lockdown in order to contribute to the mobilizations that take place in prison as well as on the streets.”


Letter of Support by prisoners Demetris Varvaressos and Themis Demou


Every person is defined by his/her own choices… There are people who choose to fight for freedom, dignity and the beauty in life. Then there are others who choose to serve a rotted, corrupt state system and live marginazed like living-dead and refuse to acknowledge the evil and injustice.
Our friend and fellow prisoner Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei chose to live his life to the fullest, the way every free person should live. He is now paying the price of his choices with a long sentence. But the enemies of freedom, the judges were not satisfied with that.
In order to avenge him they remanded his wife Evi Statiri into custody without any incriminating evidence and ostracized his mother on Salamina island.
Since the 14th of September, Evi Statiri has began a hungerstrike against fear and injustice in order to fight for freedom. If we don’t fight against the fascism exhibited by judges who are penalizing family relations today, then tomorrow we ‘ll witness the penalization of freedom of thought. Expecting judges to treat you nicely because you are a good person is like expecting not to be attacked by a bull because you are a vegetarian.
Standing by Evi is not a choice but everyone’s duty.
We won’t step back
United until the end
All together until the absolute freedom
Evi, an army of free people are by your side
We are very proud of you!

Fraternal regards to Gerasimos Tsakalos
Free Evi Statiri
Lift the restrictions on the conditional release of Athena Tsakalou
Strength to our brothers of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei

Demetris Varvaressos and Themis Demou (Bank Robbers)

Grevenon Prisons

Brief announcement from Grevenon prison
”Since yesterday 27th of September prisoners in some wings of Grevenon prison are not going into their cells during midday lockdown as part of the wide gestures of solidarity.”


E1 Wing prisoners at Domokos abstaining from prison rations

Prisoners’ announcement

”On September 14th Evi Statiri began a hunger strike demanding her release. She held in prison  for no incriminating evidence other than being the life partner of our fellow inmate and a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Gerasimos Tsakolos.

It is not the first time that cops and judges have harrassed and tortured the relatives of prisoners.

There is no worse or more insidious torment than seeing our relatives handcuffed and behind bars in prison.

This is their justice.

We the criminal prisoners serving long sentences in E1 Wing of Domokos prison have decided to abstain from rations until Evi Statiri is released.”

Prisoners of E1 Wing, Domokos

(via Athens IMC)


Sources: mpalothia and Imprisoned Fighters Solidarity Network

Translation: BlackCat (apart from the announncement traslated by the I.F.S.N.)


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