Evi Statiri’s new letter from hospital

Time goes by slowly inside this hospital room I am locked up feeling my body wear out day by day… From time to time I listen to the medical test results which are worsening…

Yesterday afternoon, for two hours, this deterioration stopped since all of you comrades gathered below my window have given me strength…

Looking ahead to freedom, lets allow dignity to guide us on our way forward.

Until victory…

PS.1 A warm hug to hungerstriker and my partner Gerasimos Tsakalos who has been by my side in solidarity
PS.2 I welcome all the acts of solidarity that have taken place so far in Greece and abroad. Comrades you are giving me strength…
PS.3 Comradership regards to all the prisons whose miserable routine has been disrupted from those standing in solidarity with my struggle.

Evi Statiri
Nikaia General Hospital
18th day of hungerstrike

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