The judicial council ruled the release of Evi Statiri after 19-day hungerstrike

The judicial council has finally decided to consider the legal amendment enacted by Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos and granted a conditional release for the 26 year-old hungerstriker. The ruling came 20 days after the submission of her appeal and on the 19th day of Evi’s hungerstrike. The previous six appeals made by Evi were rejected by the same council, which conveys a strong political message, as members of the fascist Golden Dawn were being released with no restrictions during the same time period.

The restrictive terms prohibit Evi from leaving the country or communicating with other individuals facing similar charges. She must also register with a local police department three times a month.

The hunger strike caused Evi’s health to deteriorate within a short amount of time. Evi has been hospitalized in Nikaia General Hospital since Monday following two episodes of severe hypoglycaemic shocks which, along with other symptoms such as acute appendicitis, were a major source of concern for doctors. Doctors had warned that the young woman would be facing life-threatening conditions had she carried-on with the hungerstrike. Evi will remain hospitalized until she reaches full recovery and according to mainstream media she will be removed from the ward assigned to prisoners.

Based on the nature of the restrictive conditions she is now prevented from having any kind of contact with her partner, Gerasimos Tsakalos, who remains in Korydallos prison. Gerasimos was also on hungerstrike for 19 days in order to show his support and solidarity with the brave and fair struggle of his wife.

 Updated: new information clarifies that Evi’s ‘release’ is actually a house arrest. Evi will not be able to leave her residence or go anywhere outside a 1km radius.

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