Golden Dawn: ‘Anything moves, we slaughter’

Golden Dawn member and leader of local group as well as local “strike-troops” (“Sturmabteilung”) of Nikea, Yiannis Patelis, is seen in this video preparing his local group for a “covert action” against immigrant peddlers in a local Church festivity.

The video is part of the evidence included in the indictment file of Golden Dawn members, including Patelis and MP Yiannis Lagos – mentioned by Patelis here as his immediate supervising officer in the party hierarchy – but was not displayed in court, despite the Civil Action asking for that.

You can switch on the English subtitles in the video:

This is the transcript:

Patelis: Let me tell you something: certain people
will receive a text (message) regarding the 15th (of August)in Panagitsa.

If it gets approved by [Yiannis] Lagos. If not, we’re not gonna do it. If it’s approved, y’all will get the text.

We’ll be there like real citizens, like plain citizens, no Golden Dawn insignia and stuff. We’ll go, like, shopping…

That won’t be “Golden Dawn”. They’ll not approve, from HQ’s.

Unknown: Like Agios Panteleimonas?

Patelis: No, that wasn’t like this.

In Agios Panteleimonas it was a different thing, different situation…

Unknown: We can’t be there, say, like Christians…

Patelis: No.

Unknown: … to go as a group?

Patelis: Let me finish this. I will propose to go there as Golden Dawn, to clean up that place.

But, only as a precaution: If we go as Golden Dawn, there’s a chance that calls will be made, phone calls, and they will not allow, in all that people, ladies and children to go to the bazaar.

Unknown: There will be fear.

Patelis: No, guys, that’s not really an issue. If some others come by with cars, whatever they may be, I’m not saying what, and there’s a clash right there, people will leave from the Church and they’ll go home to hide. But we want them to come out to the street, not go back home.

Unknown: I propose something else: To have a strike team, ready.

Patelis: That’s what I wanna say. Some of us will go to the Church in plain clothes, watching around. Pretend like we ‘re looking
to buy something and all that.

And soon as we see the sign, that something is happening, a team of 20-30 will go from here, that will be… “well-built” – in everything – and clean up Panagitsa. To the ground. Everything! Anything that moves, is slaughtered.

Unknown: What? anything that doesn’t move is ok?

Patelis: I’m saying again: what I said is my position, not the party line. There’s a chance they say: “You know what? Don’t do anything and stay home”. And you’ll think: “c’mon, I intended to go”.

Because I am GoldenDawner, like you are, and you, and every one of us, we have Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn is now part of our lives,
we do what they tell us.

If they tell me to stay home, I will stay home. I won’t be able to go independently. I am not independent. I am in Golden Dawn. OK?

So, we will follow only the party line. I hear, I ask, they answer and you get the text.

Pray that the message will be “YES”. (Laughs)

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