Evi Statiri: my release constitutes a first victory against fear and injustice

Evi Statiri

The first thing you realize when after being released is that your gaze won’t stumble upon walls,  bars and barriers. It can wander around and look at a sky without barbed wire. Also your steps are no longer counted. Twenty steps until the yard wall and twenty until you’ re back in your cell. Ofcourse in my case the walls are now placed a kilometer away from my home and I can’t even be in contact with my partner…

Anyway, I feel that my release constitutes  a first victory against the fear and injustice they want to impose on all of us as a restrictive condition of living.

None of these wouldn’t have happened had there not been a manifold dynamic solidarity movement in every corner of Greece that gave me the strength and optimism that history is not written only by those in power but by insurgents too.

A big thank you to all those known and unknown comrades who broke the terror of the omnipotence of authority.

A big thank you to the doctors at Nikaia General Hospital but mostly to doctors Spyros Sakkas and Olga Kosmopoulou who supported me from the fist moment with warmth and selfnessness.

Ofcourse I don’t forget all those left behind inside the prison and the cold cells… I will always be by their side and treasure all the moments we shared until we meet again…

Because as long as there are prisons nobody would be free…


Source: Athens Indymedia

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