The Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights demands the release of Maria Theofilou

The life choice of a husband or the accidental fact of parental or any kind of relationship to defendants continues to amount to incriminating evidence and has become the focal point for the expression of vengenful and inhumane treatment by the authorities based on a new kind of statutory familial co-responsibility.

The pre-trial detention and ill-treatment of defendants’ families is not something new, it’s a tactic that has been deployed for years in order to inflict psychological pressure and fear in defendants. The most recent case was that of Evi Statiri who remained in detention for six months until she became released following a geat struggle she carried through hungerstrike. The only incriminating evidence in Evi Statiri’s case was the fact that she is the wife of political prisoner and member of the C.F.N. Gerasimmos Tsakalos.

The case of Maria Theofilou is even more unfair and vengenful on the part of the authorities, since the outcomes  affect both of her children. Maria Theofilou – from the day she was pilloried when her photographs appeared in mass media- was remanded and her relationship to her husband and father of her two underaged children (2 and 4 years old), G. Petrakakos, was used as ”evidence”.

It is obvious that for the authorities the separation of the two small children from their mother was not enough, despite the fact that at this age separation can be be a cause of trauma. This inhumane tratment got to extremes when, in complete disregard for the children as well as Maria’s parents, the police raided her parent’s home resulting in the two toddlers having to stay at a park for four hours, which is how long the raid by the counter-terrorism unit lasted.

The most solid proof of the arbitrariness exhibited by the judicial and investigative authorities is the clear violation of the amendment introduced in the bill for prison reform voted in April 2015, which clarifies that family relations cannot be penalized.

For all these reasons analyzed above, the Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights demands:
* that the prosecution and vengenful treatment against prisoners’ families must be stopped
* adherence to the amdendment of Minister of Justice Paraskevopoulos which depenalizes family relations
* the immediate release of Maria Theofilou as a family member of a defendant and as a mother of two underanged toddlers.




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