Municipal authorities in Lesvos made threats against people in solidarity with refugees

photograph by Self-Organized Solidarity Initiative with Refugees and Migrants

On Sunday 11th of October, threats were made by the municipal autorities in Lesvos, and specifically George Katzanos, deputy mayor of cleaness of the island, as well as George Saoglou, president of the village Skala Sykaminias, regarding the evacuation of the structures that have been set up on the beach. We were given a one-week notice to leave or else we would be driven away violently.

Today, local residents confirmed the intention of the authorities to carry out the evacuation. At the same time and while the visit by Golden Dawn MP Lagos on the island is known, we were informed that his appearance in Skala Sykaminias along with other fascists is possible.

For the past two weeks the venture has been surrounded and reinforced by many solidaritarians as well as groups of various nationalities, many of which will still be here on Sunday. We call on all solidaritarians on the island to join the structures of the Self-organized Solidarity Initiative on Saturday night in order to oppose the intentions of the authorities and anything that might come up.

We are here because our political beliefs go hand in hand with the solidarity to refugess and migrants. Any threats made against us are threats made against refugees and migrants.

Self-Organized Solidarity Initiative with Refugees and Migrants



On October 9th the Initiative published a statement explaining the way its structures operate in Lesvos.

”The activities of the Self-Organized Solidarity Initiative in Lesvos are well under-way. The organised structures are:

Medical-First aid station: deals with health-care issues of babies, children and adults at the moment of their arrival on the beach. Also operates at the area of our infrastructures. Medication is also distributed.  

Clothes distribution station: provides refugees with dry clothes, which is an essential need.

Food distribution station: distribution of meals cooked at the station as well as tea. Baby food is given on Fridays

The self-organized solidarity initiative is calling on all people in solidarity to particiapte.

For informaton: Dervenion56 Squat, Monday-Friday 18:00-21:00/ Weekend: 10:00-22:00”

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