#Gdtrial: The forensic tests of the most significant evidence in the case of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas are now ”missing”

The document submitted to the investigator contained a description of all the evidence collected on the crime scene.

Ypopto Mousi

Serious questions are raised as the bio-chemical test results of the main evidece collected on the murder scene are now missing from the case file.

On the 17th of December, the 1st division of Domestic Counter-Terrorism of the Management of Special Violent Crimes of the Greek Police shared a document titled ”Sent Evidence” with the Special Investigator Ioanna Klapa-Christodoulea, who was handling the case of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. The document comprised of an analytic description of the evidence collected by the Vice-Management of  the Biological and Bio-Chemical Lab of the Management of Crime Investigations.

Among other evidence, there were blood samples from the murder spot, DNA samples of the perpetrator, George Roupakias, and the victim, Pavlos Fyssas, nails from the upper limbs of the victim as well as tissue from the murder weapon used in this crime.

Anyone would presume, even without having any particular criminological education, that this evidence would be tested in order to verify where the blood, the tissues and any genetic material of other people that was collected from the victim’s nails came from, since according to the investigation the victim struggled with a large number of attackers before the murder. The test results should have been referenced in the case file in order to facilitate the course of justice.

Moreover, a rational hypothesis would be that all those arrested following the murder should have been subjected to DNA tests in order to compare their samples with the evidence mentioned above, so that their presence or participation to the murder could be established or rejected.

According to the attorney of the civil party, Andreas Tzelis, who represents the family of Pavlos Fyssas and based on information  revealed on OmniaTV’s program ”The Golden Dawn Trial” that aired on Friday October 9th, not only the test results are not included in the file but no DNA and blood samples were collected from any anyone apart from the victim and the perpetrator.


(You can watch the video above with English subtitles by activating them)

Following this disclosure of information a series of questions are raised regarding the case-file:

Why aren’t the results of the above mentioned biochemical tests included in the case file?
Where are the test results now?
Why wasn’t every arrested suspect subjected to DNA tests?
Who is responsible for the exclusion of evidence from the case file?
Who neglected to take DNA samples from people accused of being an accomplice to a murder?

This constitutes an unprecedented failure to thoroughly analyse crucial evidence and present forensic test results in this very important trial against the criminal organization Golden Dawn.

Let’s hope that this ”oversight” (?) does not constitute part of a series of oversights and that the Justice System in Greece won’t let us down as it has in a plethora of cases before…

The article originally appeared on OmniaTV in Greek.


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