Maria Theofilou on her pre-trial detention and the effect on her children

Since Tuesday, September 29th, after five days of detention in the Counter-terrorism jail, I have been remanded in the women’s section of Korydallos prison. The series of charges I am facing essentially occured from harbouring my Partner.

Our children 2 and 4,5 years old had to endure the violent moment of their father’s arrest but mainly the frightening experience of the attack against them since there were guns pointed at the four of us with excessive violence the moment we got in our car. These events along with the violent separation and weaning as well as the deprivation of both their parents pose a great risk to their mental health.

I would like to clarify that the only incriminating evidence against me, based on which my pre-trial detention was decided,  was my relationship with my brother who is incarcerated in Domokos prison. It’s worth noting that the final question I was asked by the interrogator and the prosecutor with a great amount of irony and satisfation, as if this was proof of my guilt, was whether I have any siblings and where my brother is currently.

Considering that there is no evidence against me, I am asking for my temporary detention to be terminated so that I can return to my children. I am asking for an end to this vengeful prosecution and a treatment based on evidence and not my family relationships.

Maria Theofilou


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Source:Athens Indymedia

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