Student march in Athens: ”the city was filled with our slogans”

Banner: Free education is not utopian get the money from plutocracy (photo courtesy of

Yesterday, high-school students from all over the capital protested the current state of the educational system plagued by austerity cuts that have created an unbearable learning environment for Greece’s youth. With a deep political understanding on the effect of current policies on education, they are asking various segments of society for solidarity and support since their demand for social change is interwoven with collective action and mobilizations. The following information and photographs were collected from the students’ website.

Students’ demands

Government funding for infrastructure improvement, free books and more teaching staff  
No more than 20 students in each class room. Since schools were closed or merged with other institutions classrooms now have a large number of students which affects the quality of teaching negatively
Free and safe transportation to all students all day long and a free meal to all students.
To hell with memorandums, their laws for the ”new high school” and the ”new professional high school”
To be able to sit univeristy entry exams as many times as students wish, while retaining previous grades of their choosing. Exams to take place after the end of the final year in high school
Practical training in ”Professional high schools” to become part of education. Diploma to be received after three years. Abolition of every obstacle in professional practice. Abolition of compulsory studentship year.
More teaching staff on a permanent basis to fill the slots in order to fulfill the educational needs of schools.
Free and public education for everyone.


There were thousands of us in Athens today! The entire city was filled with students, our slogans, our music, our banners! There will be more of us! We continue dynamically!
On Wednesday 4th of November we proceed to mobilizing in our neighbourhoods, town halls, prefectures and the Ministry of Education. We raise awareness on our demands!!!
On Wednesday November the 5th we protest along with university students in Athens, at Propylaia.
Let’s all coordinate in order to become stronger!

Let our voices be heard in all schools, everywhere!

Because our schools are lacking the basic requirements for their function. There are no teachers- books- infrastructures-laboratories

Because we cant go on having our parents pay for tutoring and be financially burdened with the very function our schools

Because we can’t go on studying from morning till night with continuous examinations for a high school diploma and a future of insecurity  


We want:
-schools where everyone receives the same education, without inequalities and obstacles faced by students.
-schools that offer more substantial multi-faceted knowledge and not memorizing random facts.
-schools where we can be creative and not just names on student lists
-schools that will educate and not annihilate, for education that will not be commodified

We raise our voice and action along with fighting teachers, the workers, the unemployed and university students struggling against policies that violate our rights.
Our future does not fit in unemployment queues, expensive universities and precarious work.



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